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What does it mean to be a princess? Is it all about the diamond-studded tiara and the glitzy glittery dress? Is being a princess mean being the center of attention in a ballroom full of admirers? Or is a princess something different? A leader, a visionary, a pioneer? Someone who exudes confidence and kindness, someone brave and courageous? A person who fights for the rights of others?

14 best-selling authors have come together in two volumes of Princess for a Day and share their stories of what being a princess for just one day means to them.

👑 Release Date: May 20, 2020
Just .99 for a very limited time!

🌹Preorder Volume 1: https://books2read.com/Princess-for-a-day-vol-1
🌷Preorder Volume 2: https://books2read.com/Princess-for-a-day-vol-2

❤️ Volume 1 –
Tiffany Carby – K.L. Humphreys – E.S. McMillan – T Elizabeth Guthrie – Casia Courtier – Lauren Tisdale – J.M. Goodrich
❤️ Volume 2 –
Jennie L. Morris – Ainsley Jaymes – Carol Cassada – Majanka Verstraete – Katie Jaarsveld – Sascha Darlington – Andra Dill


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