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It’s an ugly way of saying that I’m way too old for the cowboy who has quickly claimed my heart and tamed my body. A cougar is a predator and maybe that’s how some see me but we know the truth. I’m his submissive and he’s my Dom. Our age difference won’t ever change that fact.
I wanted her since the first night I laid eyes on her at that bar. What were the chances of us both being there to forget the fact that we were turning another year older? I convinced her to be my sub. My beautiful cougar submissive but I can see the worry in her eyes every time the subject of our age difference comes up. I say screw all the naysayers and screw age too—it’s just a number anyway. Now, I’ll just need to convince my Rose to give me more than her submission. I want all of her- from her polished, perfect outer exterior right down to her beautiful heart. She’s mine.
His Cougar Submissive is book 3 of the Owned series by K.L. Ramsey.

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