When Kadence has a vision of a cabin in the woods, Saxon and his friends are determined to find it.

He’s beginning to think they’re on a wild goose chase… until he stumbles across the cabin and a horde of Savages.

Elyse and her father have spent months imprisoned by Savages. Tortured and brutalized, she has no hope of getting out alive. When Saxon arrives, he gives her a chance at freedom; however, he wants to know why the Savages imprisoned her, and she can never reveal that.

She tries to keep her distance, but when they are trapped together, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist the growing desire between them.

Desperate to save her father, Elyse realizes Saxon may be the only one who can help her, but if she reveals the truth, will he forgive her… or kill her?

***The Alliance Series is a spin-off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series to follow the Alliance Series.

Due to violence, language, and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+***

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