About Me

Hello! My name is Carmen Alicea, and I’m the book lover behind Romanceaholic Blog & Magazine.

Below is an interview that covers some FAQs about Romanceaholic to help you learn more about who we are and how we can help you.

I can tell you that “I AM ADDICTED” to reading. I’m a book lover with a reading addiction.

Romanceaholic was created to give my addiction an outlet. Here I will share my love of reading with you. Here, you will get to see the literary world in a new light.

Romanceaholic is a place for all book lovers, the ones that appreciate each story, fall in love, and fight for the characters, the ones that help promote, the ones that leave reviews, to the ones that read because reading is an addiction.

How is Romanceaholic Different from other book blogs?

Romanceaholic is a place that lets the book shine. It’s about falling in love with the books and their characters with no judgment. It’s about accepting that all books are special no matter the genre. It’s my way of giving back to the authors. My way of thanking them. Each book helps me escape, they give me therapy, they make me cry, laugh, and smile.

Each author is different and special in their ways of telling us a story. The best part of following an author is that you never know where the muses will take them. The surprise factor is what makes you excited for the next release.  

Romanceaholic is a place that supports and helps promote the authors and their books. It’s a place to share our love for reading

How did you come to be an expert on everything book-related?

I’ve been working behind the scenes for years. I’ve had the pleasure of being a PA to some amazing authors. I can help with organization, book parties, and almost everything book-related. I am a beta reader, reviewer, swag maker, designer, and all-around book freak. I have taken my time to learn the inside and out of the book world. I love helping and supporting authors in any way I can.

How can we work together?

Romanceaholic has three options involved in working with us :

* Romanceaholic the Magazine is a monthly issue that features books from all genres.

Authors interviews and so much more about the book world.

Each issue is priced at $0.99 and it’s perfect for all book lovers

* Romanceaholic Presents is a free magazine issue that varies depending on the topic of each issue. Each issue is full of incredible authors showing off their writing talents.

* Romanceaholic Reviews

If you are interested in a book review we accept Mobi and pdf files however, we buy the books to review them.

All reviews are shared on all of Romanceaholic media.

please contact me with the books you wish to be reviewed or featured.

Amazon Reviews

BookBub Reviews

GoodReads Reviews


If I know an author interested in a blog or magazine spotlight, how can I get started?

It’s really easy you can email me the authors contact information and Romanceaholic will set it up and have them feature.

Can I contact Romanceaholic with book suggestions or review inquiries?  

Absolutely! We can be reached by email at sugafootluv@nyc.rr..com

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