Maison Angelique by Emily Hussey

A different man for each day of the week.

Angela was in survival mode when her husband deserted her and their child. Angelique was the solution, providing discreet, sensual services to men of substance – one client for each day of the week. Of all her clients, it was Mr Thursday who lit up her day, inflaming desire with steamy intensity.

When a kidnap attempt on one of her clients endangers her family, evidence points to the perpetrator being someone close to her. The resulting chaos forces a change to her occupation and crystallises her dreams for the future.

Luke knew it was crazy to let a woman like Angelique get under his skin. This captivating woman established the rules, rules he could live by if that’s what it took. He would be there for her any day of the week. When circumstances changed dramatically, he was ready to establish some rules of his own.

Angela’s clients continue to impact on her life and her plans, but nobody pulls her strings – except for Mr Thursday. It is Angela whose favour he seeks, or only Angelique’s?
Friday through Wednesday, she had Thursday on her mind.

Romance, Contemporary, single mother books, rags to riches, sex worker, secrets & lies, forbidden love, soulmates, fate, spicy romance, Australian romance

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