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The Last Ryukyo Noro
A #CountrymenSeries Novella
International Bestselling Author Stephanie Ayers

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As the Tantori Festival comes to an end, the royal noro priestess Wakumi dies and her only child, Erity, is expected to assume the role. In order to accept her position in the Shuri Court, Erity must live a life of celibacy and forsake her brother, Ronin, and his best friend, Taigen, whom she loves. Unable to choose, Erity runs away to seek advice from a sacred sea dragon. Seki, the local medium, takes advantage of Erity’s absence to summon a spirit of darkness-the evil Shinto priest Kano, who has an agenda of his own. When Kano tricks Taigen into giving up his soul, Ronin realizes Erity is in danger. He orders Kenji, his most trusted samurai, to send Kano back to his grave.

Even if Kenji succeeds in destroying Kano, there’s no guarantee Erity will accept her fate as the royal noro priestess. Is her love for Taigen stronger than her love for the people, or will she follow her destiny and become the last trueborn Ryukyu noro?


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