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The Promise: Taylor Family Saga & Christian Romance (The Lucky Stallion Ranch Book 1)

Letting go of the Past. How hard could it be?

Cassandra Levin is an alcoholic trying to forget what she can’t: her role in the loss of her best friend, a Navy SEAL, killed in action. Cassandra is riddled with uncontrollable sorrow and grief, then a letter comes from beyond the grave. A promise she made has come back to haunt her.

Mack Taylor is a disabled ex-Navy SEAL and a believer in God, country, and a simple way of life. With his brother’s death, he’s taking care of his sister-in-law and child, but he has an ache in his soul. The woman who stole his heart is suffering and he can’t do a thing to help her. That is until he discovers a promise she made two years ago.

Sparks fly now that he won’t let her out of her vow. Cass refuses to believe she deserves forgiveness. Mack’s toughest mission yet is to make her realize not only is she worthy of love, but that she’s his happily-ever-after. A near impossible task when she’s in the clutches of an unforgiving disease with no sign of escape.


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