Author Kay Riley

Fateful Secrets (An Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance): Suncrest Bay Series Book 1
by Kay Riley

It was a mistake thinking Kyro would choose me over his family. Even love doesn’t come before his own blood.

I betrayed him and then ran like hell.

I buried Vanessa Ace and became someone new. For seven years. Until Kyro found me and dragged me back to the life that I never expected to survive.

His father’s gang needs my help and they’re taking it, without giving me a choice. They’re after paperwork my parents hid before they were murdered. I need to get out of this city before my own secret gets me killed.

Kyro and the gang must have forgotten I used to be a part of their dark world, and I relished every second of it. I’ll remind them I don’t break.

And for the person who taught me that love is grief? He says I’m his until we find the paperwork. But the longer I’m chained to his side, the more I fear he’ll never let me go.

That can’t happen.

I gave him my heart once and he shredded it. I put it back together, promising no one will ever own it again.

Except vengeance.


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