Author T. M. Dawson

Sky Love: A Sky Ink Novel
by T.M. Dawson

Annalise doesn’t believe in fables or the Celtic Gods. But when she goes to Scotland to get away from an abusive ex-fiance, she meets Lachlan Macleod, a tattoo artist and owner of Sky Ink. Sexy, smart, and talented, he’s the sort of man she didn’t expect to find, but is he harboring a secret?

An Unseelie prince, Lachlan is no stranger to the dangers of the paranormal world beyond the veil.

When a jealous and wicked princess knocks Annalise into Lake Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, Annalise and Lachlan find themselves in the middle of a centuries-long war that will change the fate of their worlds.

Can Annalise and Lachlan defeat the princess and save their worlds?

The Hunter a Nightingale Novel
by T M Dawson

Nessa McRae’s life is all she could ask for; a well-earned reputation as a kick-ass tattoo artist with a list of clients out the door. All she ever wanted was to be able to pay her rent and eat in the same month, and she’s finally found that stability.

Little does she know, she has an admirer… a inhuman monster hell-bent on devastating her.

Enter Ailes MacGillvary; an alpha male and all Nightingale-a paranormal protector of Edinburgh, Scotland. He’s tasked with guarding Nessa, but he also harbors secrets that could destroy her. Can he keep her safe-not only from the inhuman monster hot on her heels-but also from himself?


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