Crimson Tears Review

Crimson Tears (The Crimson Demon Book 1)
by Lyra Winters

Death didn’t scare Lilith Whitlock. At the ripe age of twenty, she preferred to take whatever life threw at her, and if death was a curveball, she’d catch it.

What she didn’t expect was for impending death to be stalled by being transformed into a vampire.

With sharp, pointy teeth and a hunger for blood, Lilith adapted to her new life. Befriending three hot vampires with a mission to maintain balance had something to do with that, but the paranormal world wasn’t perfect.

Especially when she learned creating new vampires was illegal. Now, she had to prove herself as indispensable to the Order of the Void, or she’d be obliterated from existence.

No one mentioned that being a new-blood came with a looming threat and imminent danger.

My Review:

I love Crimson Tears. It’s full of mystery, drama, suspense, and magic. The characters are infectious, and they draw you in immediately.

Lilith is a strong female, and she earns the admiration and respect of the men. I love her spirit and fearlessness. A true badass. I love how she takes the time to get to know her men individually. She has a special way of loving each of them.

I cannot wait to see where this continues. Looking forward to reading more. A definite must-read!


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