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I Ain’t Your Mama! Collaboration releases on May 9th!

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I ain’t your mama is a collaboration comprised of 10 authors who have come together to bring you brand, spanking new stories where strong, leading ladies show exactly how great they can do it! Women are incredible beings, filled with beauty and grace, and these heroines will have you cheering them on as they go after their own slice of happy!

Each book is a standalone and can be enjoyed while sipping an ice-cold drink, spiked or not that’s up to you! So, one-click, pull up a comfy chair, and dive into these fun reads where women end up on top!


She is… by Chelsea Camaron

Tougher Embrace by E.M. Shue

Blue Rogue by Kiera Jayne

A Girl Worth Fighting For by KL Donn

Manhattan by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Mamacita Needs a Margarita by Mayra Statham

More Than Enough by ML Rodriguez

Belladonna’s Heart by Teresa Crumpton

Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool by Winter Travers

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SACRED GEOMETRY, Book 7 of the Kate Gardener Series by Gabriella Messina releases MAY 14TH!!


As protesters fill the valley below, the architect heading-up a controversial church restoration is murdered…

For New Scotland Yard detectives Hagen and Pierce, the finger of motive points to the rowdy bunch trying to stop construction on the site… at least until a second body enters the equation. Now the detectives have two separate cases to juggle as they search for the link between them, if there is one.

Follow the Patterns…

Links are foremost on Kate Gardener’s mind. As she gets closer to the heart of the decade-old murder involving the members of the posh “Cavendish Club”, she realizes she may have bitten off more than she can safely chew. Constantly tailed by a pair of thugs, Kate is shaken when a violent attack nearly takes a friend’s life. The sudden return of Kate’s ex, and Cavendish member, Parris Devereux makes it clear that she’s closer to uncovering the truth than ever before… Too close.

One thing is certain… Evil may wear many masks, but it never stays hidden for long.

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Unforeseen, Book 9 in The Vampire Awakenings series, is NOW

Find out what happens when Jack meets his match!

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DELILAH,Book 2 of Sonya Jesus’s Damaged Love Series releases APRIL 25TH!!


Three fundamental break-up rules:

No calls.

No texts.

No contact.

I’ve stupidly broken them all.

I should’ve said no to this stupid plan, but I can’t say no to the Cohen Brothers. They’ve convinced me to help my ex hide his same-sex relationship, but they’re driving me insane. While I struggle to maintain the delicate balance we’ve created and keep up with the fake relationship, without damaging the real one, the brothers deal with their past. They quickly discover that some secrets aren’t meant to be hidden.

I may not be enough to pick up all the broken pieces.

Amazing free book

Aleisha Maree has a free book right now. It’s her grandparents story and yes that’s them on the cover.


On kindle!


Graham joins up and heads to Korea thinking even the hell of war is better than home.

Dulcie is at home suffering her own hellish existence at the hands of her father.

When Graham returns home, one glance at Dulcie and he’s smitten.

He is determined to make her his and give her the life she deserves.

But, what stands in the way of their happiness?

Can these two finally find peace?

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