The Hunters Awakening (The Death Hunter series book 2)
Haven Winters hates her life in the Winter Coven. She escapes with only the clothes on her back. She would rather die out in the world alone than stay with the evil mages. The only problem, she’s headed straight into the town of Death Hunters—the coven’s archenemy. If they find out who she is before the mages locate her, she won’t have to worry about saving her soul.

Cosmo Fitzgerald, beta Death Hunter, feels it; something is coming. What he discovers turns his world upside down. Then he recalls words from a crazy fortune-teller: if he takes a mate, she will die.

When his alpha tells the Death Hunters to prepare for battle against the coven who’s come to claim Haven, he realizes he’d do anything to protect the one he thought was dead. This time, he may not be able to keep her alive.

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by Audra Hart
The first book in the TULSA IMMORTALS series .00 pennies almost everywhere!

The sexy Cajun Queen who broke Joker’s heart over a century ago shows up at the Twin Ravens MC with supernatural trouble hot on her heels as All Hallows Eve approaches.

This fast paced, action-packed story will knock your socks off and send you searching for a fan and a tall glass of iced water!

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Tactical Difficulties (Lady Troubles #3)
release date, 11/15/2019

Work and pregnancy are driving Sonya crazy. Her mate’s concern about her well-being isn’t helping because that concern takes the form of overprotectiveness. But when Sonya is kidnapped, she finds strength in herself and her mating bond that she never knew existed.
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#Submerge bk 3 Apalala Clan Novels
Dzintra Sullivan
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To truly love, one must fully submerge.
After her parents death, Elyse was forced to grow up on the streets. She’s a fighter, a battler, a ferocious warrior.
Ladon is the third eldest of the dragon brothers. His skills are legendary and he’s undefeated on the battlefield.
Sudden flashbacks of stolen memories thrust Elyse into a nail-biting battle for her own life.
When all isn’t as it appears, and secrets are exposed, Ladon and Elyse are forced to bare their souls to each other, in order for them both to survive.

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#DEPTH – Bk2
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