The Hunter’s Protector (The Death Hunters series book 3) by Bryce Evans

Greer O’Neill has been on the run and hiding her entire life. She holds magic that can dominate the paranormal world. After everyone she’s ever loved has been killed by mages hunting her, she stumbles into the only place that can keep her safe—the home of the Death Hunters.

There she meets Reed, a sexy Death Hunter. Every bone in her body aches for him. But if she loves him, he will be killed, perhaps by her own magic.

Now an ancient evil knows where she is and danger threatens every life in New Hope.

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The Hunters Awakening (The Death Hunter series book 2)


Haven Winters hates her life in the Winter Coven. She escapes with only the clothes on her back. She would rather die out in the world alone than stay with the evil mages. The only problem, she’s headed straight into the town of Death Hunters—the coven’s archenemy. If they find out who she is before the mages locate her, she won’t have to worry about saving her

When his alpha tells the Death Hunters to prepare for battle against the coven who’s come to claim Haven, he realizes he’d do anything to protect the one he thought was dead. This time, he may not be able to keep her alive.

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The Hunter’s Mage (The Death Hunters book 1) by Bryce Evans

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Alpha Death Hunter, Lennox Bartley, has kept the shifter world safe from rogues and exposure for years, making an enemy or ten along the way. Though something had always been missing in his life. Then he met Jade Cross.

As the alpha, Lennox needs a strong, confident female or the Death Hunters will eat her for lunch. Plus, when his enemies learn he has a mate, her life will be in constant danger.

Jade has the choice to follow her heart or her head. One will keep her in her sheltered, safe world while the other will lead to the love of her life and almost certain death if she doesn’t find the inner strength to help herself.


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Gin and Wrath – Twin Ravens MC

 A Tulsa Immortals Story – Book 2

 By Audra Hart

Wrath, an immortal enforcer and ancient Norse demigod with savage desires and a need to utterly dominate, recognizes Virginia as his potential mate.

Gin, a competent and capable professional, is as sweet as an Oklahoma spring morning, but will she be tough enough to handle Wrath’s dark demands and the supernatural target on her back?

Can two divergent hearts triumph to fulfill a magickal destiny?

[Sexy M/F Paranormal BDSM Adventure]




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