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⭐️ Deadly Surrender is free February 28th through March 1st . Get your copy here: http://mybook.to/deadlysurrender


She thinks I don’t remember who she is, but I do. I knew the moment I caught a glimpse of the scar behind her ear. If she thinks she’ll be kneeling for any other Dom, she’s got another thing coming. She’s mine. She was always mine.

I tell myself it will only be one more time and then I’ll force myself to move on and leave the silly teenage crush in the past. Thing is, I can’t seem to walk away from him, and it’s not long before I find myself back at Club Nineveh, requesting him as my Dom.

**Deadly Surrender used to be part of the Dominated by Desire anthology.


A Pack of His Own

$0.99 coming March 1st!!

📚📚2 stories in 1 volume!📚📚

BlindWerewolf #PsychicVampire #Terrorists #HotHotHot

A strong, well-remembered hand closed around Charlie’s automatically outstretched right. Then the man before Charlie pushed that hand aside and grasped Charlie’s left, white cane and all.
Charlie laughed as lean, muscular arms pulled him close and tightened around his back. It was Luis. His nose had been right.
“I was planning to see you here,” Luis whispered in Spanish, his voice richer than the thrum of the best-played bass. “But I didn’t think it would be so soon.”
Charlie drank in Luis’s scent, relishing how Luis held him. Then he pulled back slightly, though he was still safe in Luis’s embrace. “It’s good to see you.” That was an understatement, and he was hard-pressed not to resume the kisses he’d run from in March. He had no right to such a warm welcome, and for a breath his heart lodged in his throat.
Then another smell — a stench compared to Luis’s heady aroma — invaded the library, and Charlie stepped away completely. He held up one finger. “Un momento.”
Luis retreated several paces, and Charlie blinked at the psychic vampire’s discretion. Luis hadn’t possessed anything close to circumspection or respect for duty when they’d worked together in Tampa.
Charlie went to the library doors, meaning to close them, but the werewolf he’d smelled stood before him. He made the conscious switch to English, realizing he must be overwhelmed by Luis’s presence if the change needed to be willed rather than instinctive. Or maybe I’m intoxicated again. As he’d been when he and Luis had tumbled into bed for a single, blissful hour. Maybe it wasn’t the Lady Lavender drinks that got me drunk in March. It could’ve been Luis.

Emily Carrington
“A moment in darkness…an eternity with a lover.”


Cronuts in the City
A Donut Shop Series Novella

Stephanie Ayers
Link: http://mybook.to/CronutsCityCI

Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

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Sometimes what you don’t know can kill you.Blair Cromartie is Daddy’s spoiled little rich girl—until she wants to open her own art gallery. When he refuses to support her, she takes matters into her own hands and enlists the help of an attractive lawyer and a charming loan officer. Just as she’s about to achieve her dreams, it all comes crashing down around her as her father’s darkest secret comes to light. Haunted by her dead lover and a past she knew nothing about, will Blair prove her father wrong or will his betrayal rise up and stop her?


Cooper’s Heart
Alexandra Reed

~~* Are you a fan of second chance romance? Paranormal romance? Sexy shifters? Hot witches and warlocks? Mysterious vampires? Ghosts? Then Cooper’s Heart is your next read! ~~*

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083W1ZY4K/

Cover Design: Francessca Wingfield
Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

Cooper’s Heart (A Grayson Falls Novel)

Grayson Falls, a town where magic lives and love is worth dying for, is home to a variety of magical and supernatural creatures.
Tabitha Collins is the town’s librarian, a mom, and a powerful witch. She also happens to be keeping a secret that could implode her life and her daughter’s at any moment. Keeping a low profile, she manages to stay out of trouble ever since returning home…that is, until he walks into the library, and back into her life.

Cooper Ashford loves being a doctor, but he loves being a warlock even more. Dedicating his life to helping others is an attempt to make up for past indiscretions, but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to forgive himself for letting Tabitha slip through his fingers the first time round. Despite being known as the town lothario, the only woman he wants is her. And this time, he isn’t going to let her get away.

Welcome to Grayson Falls…



Under the Marble Frosted Surface
A Donut Shop Series Novella
Cloud S. Riser


Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1704625386/ref

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She’s the chocolate and he’s the vanilla. On the surface, they blend in a beautiful design. Underneath is a whole other story… Delia Larivee is the girl with the edgy friends. In a town where supernatural is the norm, she’s the rare completely normal teenager. She’s popular, she’s smart, and she’s extremely hard to get close to. But Trevor Schuler has found a way. She thinks he’s normal just like her. He works a boring job at the Shine on Cafe, plays sports, and looks the part of the clean cut, All-American, guy. Only Trevor isn’t as boring and normal as she believes and for the past six years he’s been keeping a secret that affects not only her life, but the fate of the world.


To Protect and Serve Donut Holes
Rae B. Lake


Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

I was having a bad day. | The vacation I planned on taking was canceled because my girlfriend of nearly a decade wanted to go find herself. My partner decided that now was the perfect time to take up eating healthy and my Seargent was still on my back to close out all of my pending cases. | Yeah, I was having a really bad day. | You know what turns a bad day into a good one? Donut Holes. Those little balls of doughy goodness. Chocolate, glazed, old fashion, it didn’t matter all of them were delicious. | Who would have guessed that my bad day would turn so much worse when I walked in on the new donut shop being robbed. | Yes. I was having a REALLY bad day.


❤🍓Happy Release Day!🍓❤

Strawberry Sundays
A Donut Shop Series Novella
USA Today Bestselling Author Erin Lee

Ebook: http://mybook.to/StrawberrySundaysCI

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1701377586/ref

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Monday through Saturday, Leena Harrison worked in a donut shop. Between coffee versus cream and glazed or not, there wasn’t much time for fun.

That is, until the day a stranger walked in and a simple pact was struck:
They’d meet on Sundays over the ‘fruit of the heart’ and see if they could shake things up.

It was a delicious arrangement until daylight savings set back the clocks and everything went wrong.
Can true love find its way past rotten luck?

Strawberry Sundays, a contemporary romance, is the story of an unsuspecting love between strangers with a quirky bond sweeter than anything Leena ever tasted at the donut shop.


BLUE’S NIGHT OUT (Donut Shop Series Book 22).
By: Jennie L. Morris


Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

The year is 1927.
Davis Bakery has the best breads in Queens, New York City, and Blue Davis is proud to serve her customers. Helping her grandparents run the shop, Blue crosses paths with an old high school friend George Greyson, a musician, returned from a long absence in the neighborhood.
The problem?
Blue’s bookish nature and naiveté with the gentlemen blind what’s right in front of her. Gorgeous George invites her to an upscale speakeasy for dancing, sweet jazz, and drinks. Surprising even herself, Blue accepts but insists on bringing her best friend and socialite, Myra Post.
A skiff and lie to Blue’s grandparents, along with local gossip about that night, lands her black and blue, and shipped off to upstate New York to stay with another family member.
Will George seek out the love he most desires after Blue is sent away? Or will he let the music die along with her departure?


Voodoo Sprinkles
A Donut Shop Series Novella
Yolanda Allard
Link: http://mybook.to/VoodooSprinklesCI

Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

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Raising spirits and making donuts…
Eris St. Ta-tai lives in Après LaMort, a town full of spirits, magick, and all that goes bump in the night. It’s also full of humans who know nothing of this. She works at Sprinkle that Voodoo on Me, a donut shop in the epicenter of town, filling her customers with sugary goodness. In her off hours, she freelances as a necromancer. A priestess in her own right, Eris was born with the ability to bring the dead back to life. Priestesses are in high demand thanks to her closest friend Wraith, who happens to be a grim reaper. Eris has enough work to last many lifetimes.
Until, that is, some immortals begin moving back into town. Immortals, who like to be the only ones cheating death, have never gotten along with priestess covens.
Eris is thrown into a web of magical madness and discoveries that will lead to the end of her coven if she doesn’t try to stop it. Her only hope lies in the enigmatic Tre, who hates priestesses as much as his father who happens to be in charge of the immortals.
Can Eris convince Tre to help her in spite of his hatred?
Will she ever be able to get back to raising spirits and making donuts?