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Title: The Secrets Of Life

Author: K.L. Humphreys

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sale Date: 25th July- 29th July


**99c Available in US and UK Only**

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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Sometimes there is only a pole between survival and starvation. For Jessica Hughes, this is her reality.

At 21, she’s single-handedly supporting her 2 younger brothers and her 4-year-old daughter while paying off her deadbeat mother’s gambling debts.

Her life may seem like crap to others, but Jess knows it could be worse.

Then, Hunter O’Shea walks back into her life and drops a bombshell – a secret that could destroy everything they once had.

Once again, Jess finds herself picking up the pieces of her broken heart.

Will Hunter find the courage to claim the family he never knew he needed?

Or will Jess move on before he gets the chance?



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😜The Boyfriend Experience😜


** Previously published in the Seductive Temptations Boxed Set**

UNIVERSAL LINK: http://mybook.to/bx1


Sabrina Rogers is the ultimate power house. She’s young, beautiful, and the CEO of a major marketing firm. Through all her hard work, she’s acquired everything she’s ever wanted and doesn’t need anyone. That is until she meets Jackson Mitchells, an arrogant, and successful investor.

Sabrina shows no interest in Jackson’s cocky demeanor, but when he steps in to save her from an embarrassing encounter with her prick of an ex, she finds herself thrusted into a world-wind affair of lies and a steamy new connection.

Stuck on a ship for a week, Sabrina is forced to pretend that her relationship with Jackson is more than what it is, more than what she wants it to be.

Will their lies lead them towards a lasting love affair? Or just an experience to remember?

It’s my passion

Romanceaholic was created to give my addiction and outlet. Here I will share my love of reading with you. Here, you will get to see the literary world in a new light.

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The Trouble With Dulce De Leche

Kathia Iblis

Link: http://mybook.to/DulceDeLecheCI





Sofía is ready to leave the small Alaskan town of Zima the moment she arrives. Not only having to adjust to the drastic temperature difference from her home town of Buenos Aires, she’s expected to make new friends and finish school in a literal foreign land. Homesick and missing her parents, she longs for the comfort of favorite dessert, Dulce de Leche ice cream. Adjusting to this new normal has her ice screaming for security and a new sense of home.

Callan thinks the quirky, new girl is more than a bit strange. Assisting Sofia fight off being homesick is one thing he can do to help take his mind off his own issues. What he doesn’t realize is she may be the solution to his own problems and can eventually help his family. Callan never thought he would fall for Sofia, but when he finds out the way to her heart is Dulce de Leche, he turns on his own sweet tooth.

Will Callan be able to use Sofia to help his family, or will he be forced to lose the only girl he had ever loved?

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Today is the day to see the cover of the highly anticipated Identity’s Kiss: Securities International Book 6.

I’d like to thank a few people first: Leah Holt this is a bombxss cover. Taylor Alexander thank you for the beautiful picture. These two spoke to me and personify my characters. To the awesome cover models Tabitha and Scott.

After the truths are revealed and the explosions die down, will Tony find his future with Paige or will his heart always belong to Kathryn?

Pre-order your copy today.


Coming August 22 on all platforms.



Title: Jordyn’s Army

Authors: @Heidi McLaughlin, @Kathy Coopmans, @Amy Briggs, @Adriana Locke, @Shari J. Ryan, @Julie A. Richman, @HJ Bellus, @Sam JD Hunt, @Tara Leigh, @Kaylee Ryan, @Michelle Dare, @Haylee Thorne, @Michelle Windsor, @Verlene Landon, @Kristin Mayer, @MJ Fields, @Rebecca Brooke

Genre:Contemporary Romance

Release Date:September 3, 2019

Photography Donated by:RplusMPhoto

Cover Donated by: Madhat Books

Model: Cody Smith

Copper Rose made by: Jordyn Preston

#JordynsArmyCoverReveal #BAPpr

We are happy to bring you seventeen never seen before short stories!

This anthology is a fundraiser for Jordyn Preston and her fight against liver cancer.

Pre Order Today!!


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Romanceaholic is a place for all the book lovers, the ones that appreciate each story, fall in love and fight for the characters, the ones that help promote, the ones that leave reviews, to the ones that read because reading is an addiction.

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Sweet & Spicy Romance

Smoke and Shadow – Road Witch Book 1

A Sweet & Spicy Tulsa Immortals Story by Audra L. Hart

A sweet and spicy, insta-love romance, between a fallen goddess and a “ghost” wolf shifter.

Smoke – After a battle with vampires, I woke up at the MC. One problem, no one could see me or hear me. And they were all talkin’ about avenging my death.

Yeah, it sucks to be a ghost.

Six months later, a walking wet dream in pink riding leathers makes my wolf wake up to growl “Mine!”

Yeah, I gotta agree with my snarly inner beast. Now what?

Shadow – I call myself a Road Witch, but in truth, I am fallen goddess from a long forgotten pantheon. After enduring an endless cycle of life, death and rebirth I find I am sick of it all. Nothing but a soulmate can free me from this unending torment, and those are in short supply. Believe me, I know because I have searched for thousands of years!

Feeling apathetic and reckless is a bad combination if you want to stay alive in the world of supernaturals. Luckily for me, I have been drawn back to my friends at the Twin Ravens MC, where I am floored to discover the answer to my prayers – my soulmate!

One tiny little problem, his soul has been ripped from his body and he thinks he’s a ghost. Now, if we can just sort out this whole dead/undead thing and deal with a savage killer from my past we might just have a shot at a happily ever after!

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