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Four years after having her heart shattered, Meg Tanaka is finally over her good-for-nothing ex. By focusing on her career and helping her loved ones navigate their lives, Meg has recovered from—or at least buried—the hurt Aiden caused. Unfortunately, her old resentment rushes to the surface the moment she finds out he’s back in town.

Aiden Howard has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but never one as bad as choosing his medical career over the love of his life. Still unable to get over losing Meg, he’s come home with one mission: earning her forgiveness.

Despite Aiden’s attempts to make amends for the past, Meg is determined not to give him another chance to break her heart. But how can she resist the one man she believes is her forever love?

Stonehill Series


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(cαlєndαr gαls #4)

вч αlєíshα mαrєє

rєlєαsє dαtє: 14th mαч 2019

whєn grαcíє-mαч fírst єncσuntєrєd kαdєn, α вєαtєn up, вrσkєn dσwn sσldíєr, spαrks flєw.

trαgєdч ín hís вαckgrσund hαd sєnt thє mαn íntσ dαrknєss. grαcíє-mαч shσwєd hím líght αnd grαduαllч lєd hím tσwαrds ít.

whílє kαdєn’s lífє tσσk α turn fσr thє вєttєr, hєrs tσσk α turn fσr thє wσrst.

trαppєd ín α víσlєnt mαrríαgє, kαdєn sєєmєd tσ вє grαcíє’s σnlч chαncє σf єscαpє.

wσuld thє вrσkєn sσldíєr rєαch grαcíє ín tímє?

σr wσuld shє fínαllч succumв tσ thє вrutαlítч σf hєr husвαnd?

thís ís вσσk 4 ín thє cαlєndαr gαls cσllєctíσn αnd αlthσugh ít ís α cσmplєtє stαnd αlσnє, ít fσllσws σn frσm αpríl – cαlєndαr mєn sєríєs.

αdd tσ чσur tвr: https://www.xn--gdrds-f9d7ja12k.xn--cm-vbc/вσσk/shσw/44427643-αpríl

вuч línks

αmαzσn us: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--cm-vbc/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn uk: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--c-0mb.uk/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn cα: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--c-zlb/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn αu: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--cm-vbc.xn--u-ylb/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

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Star-Crossed in the Outfield, An All About the Diamond Romance Book 4 is out today!

I don’t think she’s my Cinderella or anything, but a glass slipper would be easier to fit than a one size fits most mascot costume.

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