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(cαlєndαr gαls #4)

вч αlєíshα mαrєє

rєlєαsє dαtє: 14th mαч 2019

whєn grαcíє-mαч fírst єncσuntєrєd kαdєn, α вєαtєn up, вrσkєn dσwn sσldíєr, spαrks flєw.

trαgєdч ín hís вαckgrσund hαd sєnt thє mαn íntσ dαrknєss. grαcíє-mαч shσwєd hím líght αnd grαduαllч lєd hím tσwαrds ít.

whílє kαdєn’s lífє tσσk α turn fσr thє вєttєr, hєrs tσσk α turn fσr thє wσrst.

trαppєd ín α víσlєnt mαrríαgє, kαdєn sєєmєd tσ вє grαcíє’s σnlч chαncє σf єscαpє.

wσuld thє вrσkєn sσldíєr rєαch grαcíє ín tímє?

σr wσuld shє fínαllч succumв tσ thє вrutαlítч σf hєr husвαnd?

thís ís вσσk 4 ín thє cαlєndαr gαls cσllєctíσn αnd αlthσugh ít ís α cσmplєtє stαnd αlσnє, ít fσllσws σn frσm αpríl – cαlєndαr mєn sєríєs.

αdd tσ чσur tвr: https://www.xn--gdrds-f9d7ja12k.xn--cm-vbc/вσσk/shσw/44427643-αpríl

вuч línks

αmαzσn us: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--cm-vbc/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn uk: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--c-0mb.uk/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn cα: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--c-zlb/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

αmαzσn αu: https://www.xn--mzn-nxcb3i.xn--cm-vbc.xn--u-ylb/αpríl-cαlєndαr-gαls-вσσk-4-євσσk/dp/в07qtz5r9в/

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Star-Crossed in the Outfield, An All About the Diamond Romance Book 4 is out today!

I don’t think she’s my Cinderella or anything, but a glass slipper would be easier to fit than a one size fits most mascot costume.

Get your copy now!


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📚 Sexy Paranormal Adventures with just a Kiss of Kink

Freeing Their Mistress – A MFM Paranormal BDSM Adventure

Your Invitation to Raven’s Keep

One Woman’s Journey of

Self-Discovery and Deliverance

Excerpt –

“Mine,” Roi whispers against her lips.

“Mine,” Anton asserts as he leans forward and nuzzles her ear again before licking and kissing the spot where her pulse throbs on her neck.

“Ours,” the men say in unison.

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Coming Soon

COMING MAY 24 from Changeling Press!

#MCRomance #Suspense #Erotic #Romance

Austin’s Ward, Devil’s Outlaws 3

by Lynn Burke

As the Devil’s Outlaws Sergeant at Arms, Austin Butterbaugh has no intention of getting involved. A self-proclaimed bachelor for life, he endured a broken heart and refuses to suffer the same again. But the second Cadence Fraser crosses his path, with her long blonde hair and curves, she owns him.

Sleeping with a senator didn’t offer Cadence the ticket to a better life she’d hoped for. Instead, she’s on the run for her life, straight into a badass biker’s arms—as his ward, under the Outlaw’s protection. Although fire flares to life between them, and Austin satisfies her in ways she’d never known, fear has Cadence’s sights set on something more.

With the senator hell-bent on eliminating every trace of his indiscretions, bodies will fall in Austin’s determination to protect Cadence. Failure won’t be tolerated, even if saving her could mean losing her forever. Her happiness is all that matters, but can Cadence fight past her fears to see a future with Austin before it’s too late?

*Warning: Contains adult content and graphic violence.


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#RYAN by A.L. Long

Jagged Edge Series #8

#Erotic #Romance #Suspense

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Following the same routine, day in and day out, Charlie Winters was about to give up on getting the break she deserved. Things begin to look up when her brother Nick suggested she to come to New York to work at his landscaping company. Moving from the small town of Cedar Grove to the big Apple was everything Charlie dreamed of, until her brother witnessed a brutal murder, which put his life in danger. Charlie would do everything she could to protect him even if it meant contacting the boy she fell in love with as a teenager.

Leaving the only girl, he had ever loved, the last thing Ryan Hyatt expected was to run into her, especially in Manhattan. Regretting his decision to push her away after he had enlisted in the military, he tried to make it up to her by offering to protect her brother Nick. When tragedy stuck, he soon found that his brother Josh may have been involved. Ryan would stop at nothing to protect the woman he would never stopped loving.


A.L. Long is an award winner author.


New Release

Unattainable by Jamie Schlosser is LIVE and free with Kindle Unlimited!


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“The second I saw you last night, I remembered who I was. I know it sounds crazy but it’s like my life flashed before my eyes. The way it could’ve been—should’ve been—with us together. I should know what you taste like. What turns you on. What you look like when you sleep. Where your most ticklish spot is, and how you like to be kissed. By now, I could’ve known your body better than I know my own.”

“Whoa,” I whispered, experiencing a full-body flush.

What he’d said was fairly tame, but it was the dirtiest thing I’d ever heard.

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Coming Soon

𝙋𝙧𝙚-𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧! 𝘼 𝙘𝙤𝙥𝙮 𝙏𝙤𝙙𝙖𝙮!

‘Selling my Soul – Part One: Pimped Out’

Releasing 10th July 2019.

Pre-order Link – books2read.com/pimped-out


Twenty-one-year-old Tyson Reece is down on his luck.

Suddenly finding himself unemployed; pride and his upbringing keep him from accepting handouts, either from his best friend Kyle, or the government.

Broke, hungry and alone, Tyson succumbs to a last resort, contacting Kieran Wayland, his depraved ex.

Sensing an opportunity, a spur of the moment decision brings the police crashing into Tyson’s world, setting in motion a chain of events he could never have predicted.

Zara Mulaney, a newly promoted DI, is watching Wayland from afar, convinced he is part of an underworld organisation responsible for a spate of terrifying murders across the city.

Quietly investigating Wayland, she is outsmarted at every turn and believes him to be protected by other high-ranking officers within the force.

In a last ditch effort, she approaches Tyson, hoping he is the last piece in the puzzle; the one who can finally bring Wayland to justice.

But, Wayland is a tour de force with friends in high places; arrogant in the belief he is untouchable.

Agreeing to help Mulaney, Tyson is about to be plunged into a world he never dared believe existed.

– The brand new taboo series from best-selling author Zane Michaelson


Author Elias Raven

Cain – Sins of the Father


‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Amazon – mybook.to/CainSinsOfTheFather

Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Cain family has many secrets. The only son Elias, an alpha male and former rock star, has the “look” with a set of eyes and smile that will drop a girl’s panties at 10 yards. He is the heir apparent to the wealthiest family in the world and it’s now time for the transition of power. But some things never go as planned – especially for this family.

When Elias’ one true love Genevieve returns to his life, they start on a journey to unravel the twisted knot that has been laid before them. They enter the serpentine labyrinth of deceit and despair. Two worlds will collide and meet in the middle. Two men will vie for the love of one woman and to the victor will go her soul. There is no second place, and the very gates of heaven and hell will shake as these two gear up for the ultimate confrontation.

The distant past and the modern world will collide on a rocket ride of twisting emotions and imagery. Every story has a beginning, buckle up for this one.

Printed Books

Amazon – mybook.to/CainSinsOfTheFather

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BLOODLINE by Gabriella Messina

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Mysterious deaths and strange incidents draw Det. Samantha Karolyi into an encounter that leaves her infected with Lycanthropic Virus. Struggling through the transformation, she uncovers the truth about the werewolves, and her bloodline.

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