🖤 The Beautiful and the Damned🖤

♤ Ace of Spades MC Book 1 ♤

By Aleisha Maree and M. Kristine

Release Date: 8th August 2019

Genre: MC Romance


I’ve loved him as long as I can remember. He’s older, wiser and sexier than any man I’ve ever seen.

His road name’s Viper and he’s the enforcer for the Ace of Spades MC, my father’s club. To me he is just Luca; Luca Warren.

He has protected me since I was born. Refuses to acknowledge the feelings he has for me or mine for him.

He does everything he can to push me away, until my life is threatened and he’s tasked with keeping me safe.

Tempers flare and sparks fly when Luca and I are sent into hiding.


I am a dangerous man who’s club uses me to enforce more than the rules. My hands are dirty and my soul is black. I have a devil that whispers in my ear as a demon kisses my neck.

For years I have beaten and fucked my way up the ranks to where I stand now. Let me tell you, I’ve fought battles that have nothing on the wars I have shed blood in on the streets.

So falling in love with the daughter of the club’s president; the club I’m bound to is a no go.

But I’ve loved Senna since the day I first laid eyes on her.

We are fucked now.

Stuck in a confined space where her teasing soul sends us both on a one way ticket to hell. Letting her go isn’t an option, but loving her is not safe for either of us.

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Pride’s Envy (Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC Book 3)

CM Genovese

Pride is the devil’s bullet, but envy pulls the trigger.

Nobody gets Tribal. Not like she did. No one understands what he went through or what made him temporarily flee the MC lifestyle. It was that kid. It all started with the kid. He couldn’t save him, and now he’s wrought with inner turmoil. His old rage is set to simmer and only one woman knows his deepest, darkest secrets, but she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Horizon is in an all-female MC of her own now. She’s the Iron Butterfly, a knife-wielding enforcer hellbent on shutting down a Russian human trafficking ring. When she’s sent to her grandmother’s casino to investigate its role in this Black Market Railroad, she finds herself face to face with a past lover, ripping open old scars and tearing fresh wounds.

Mel has messed everything up. She’s lied, she’s cheated, and she’s single-handedly destroyed her ability to hang with the Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC. They want nothing to do with her now. Her two options are to leave town and start over someplace new or stick around and begin that fresh life in the RZBT MC’s backyard, in a place nobody would ever imagine she’d go.

Bikers, strippers, human traffickers, the Bratva, and a serial killer collide in Pride’s Envy, book 3 in the Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC series.

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