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Book One of the Road Witch series


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A fun and spicy, insta-love romance, between a fallen goddess and a “ghost” wolf shifter.

Smoke – After a battle with vampires, I woke up at the MC. One problem, no one could see me or hear me. And they were all talkin’ about avenging my death. Yeah, it sucks to be a ghost. Six months later, a walking wet dream in pink riding leathers makes my wolf wake up to growl “Mine!” Yeah, I gotta agree. Now what?

Shadow – I’m a self-proclaimed Road Witch. Hey, it sounds better than calling myself a fallen goddess. Right? Anyway, I have been cursed to live as a nearly mortal witch instead of the Goddess I was born to be until I can find my one true soulmate. But now the centuries of wandering the earth to redeem my pantheon is beginning to take a hefty toll and it’s nearly time to restart my life cycle. Feeling apathetic and reckless is a bad combination. Fortunately, I have drawn back to Tulsa by my love for my friends at the Twin Ravens MC. And guess what? I immediately discover my soul’s forever mate.

One tiny, little problem … his spirit has been separated from his body. Now, if we can just sort out this whole dead/not dead thing we can have our happily ever after, right?

This story sizzles without explicit Adult Content, but no worries, there’s plenty of steamy fun and fantastical adventure to be had with this spunky little tale.

Smoke is instantly smitten…here’s an excerpt.

In the blink of an eye, I am on the stairs, a few steps behind Shadow and Tara. Ghost or not, I’m not gonna crowd these women. Of course, my eyes are instantly drawn to their asses. Well, Shadow’s ass.

And what a mighty fine ass it is! If I had real feet, I’d stumble and fall because I cannot take my eyes off her lush, heart shaped backside clad in snug pink riding leathers.

Almost as though she can feel my eyes on her backside or she can hear my thoughts, Shadow looks over her shoulder and winks at me.

AllFather! Help me now! This woman is something special.

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Tina Maurine

Two years ago, when Vette took the dual jobs as head of security and watching over President Ethan West’s son as a pseudo-nanny, she had no idea what she’d be in for. Now, playboy Davien West is turning nineteen and doing everything he can to keep Vette’s mind off her jobs… and on him.

Little does Davien know that the lead man on Vette’s security team is former special ops soldier Adrian Rogue… someone with whom she had a brief and unresolved romantic past years ago in Iraq.

The passion Vette feels for both of them, and her true, unrequited heart’s desire, leave her at an impasse.


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Unholy Union (Dark Matrimony Book 1)

by Rumer Raines

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Being a Mafia playboy is easy…Until you meet the woman of your dreams.

Craving Power and Control, Matteo is poised to grasp his rightful place as the Mafia Don. When it’s finally within his grasp, the rules change: the playboy needs a wife. But not one like Isabella. She’s too smart, too beautiful and too much a liability.

Now she’s a target and he realizes he’s desperate for one thing… the love of one woman.

Unholy Union is a dark Mafia Romance with the following tropes: billionaire, blackmail, marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers. CLIFFHANGER WARNING

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By Jessika Klide

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Lizzy has terrible luck with men. It’s not that she doesn’t attract good guys, she does. It’s that she attracts “decent” men.

According to her best friend Tara, “decent” men don’t mistreat their women, and Lizzy’s idea of “decent” men don’t deserve her.

Rebounding from her last bout of ‘I’ve been dumped again’ depression, Lizzy decides she’s not going to settle for the good guys any longer. If she’s going to find an all consuming, reckless kinda love that deserves her, she’s going to have to attract a bad man. Not a bad seed, but a bad boy. She’s going to have to go after the kind of man that pushes her panic button.

Little does she know her trip into the city with Tara is going to test her new determination to love dangerously, or not love at all.

Little does she know, that the hot AF man who accidentally knocks her down is the kind of dude that elicits fear in his enemy.

Little does Lizzy know, that what she really wants is his badass.


The Coffee Bean

A Gypsy Kings Nouvelle

By Roux Cantrell


⁃ When two worlds collide , things get sticky in the Gypsy Kings –


When it comes to being part of the Gypsy Kings MC Crow knows who he is and what he’s about. When it comes to his new found relationship with Lilly McDaniels he’s trying to find his way.

After a shoot out involving the MC, Crow is laying low while his girl is working on plans to open her Ice Cream shop.

Will business and pleasure make for a sticky situation when his worlds collide or will things go smoothly when problems arise as a high profile business man makes unwanted advances towards Lilly, causing Crow to take matters in to his own hands …