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Sweet & Spicy Romance

Smoke and Shadow – Road Witch Book 1

A Sweet & Spicy Tulsa Immortals Story by Audra L. Hart

A sweet and spicy, insta-love romance, between a fallen goddess and a “ghost” wolf shifter.

Smoke – After a battle with vampires, I woke up at the MC. One problem, no one could see me or hear me. And they were all talkin’ about avenging my death.

Yeah, it sucks to be a ghost.

Six months later, a walking wet dream in pink riding leathers makes my wolf wake up to growl “Mine!”

Yeah, I gotta agree with my snarly inner beast. Now what?

Shadow – I call myself a Road Witch, but in truth, I am fallen goddess from a long forgotten pantheon. After enduring an endless cycle of life, death and rebirth I find I am sick of it all. Nothing but a soulmate can free me from this unending torment, and those are in short supply. Believe me, I know because I have searched for thousands of years!

Feeling apathetic and reckless is a bad combination if you want to stay alive in the world of supernaturals. Luckily for me, I have been drawn back to my friends at the Twin Ravens MC, where I am floored to discover the answer to my prayers – my soulmate!

One tiny little problem, his soul has been ripped from his body and he thinks he’s a ghost. Now, if we can just sort out this whole dead/undead thing and deal with a savage killer from my past we might just have a shot at a happily ever after!

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UnSeal Me

D.S. Wrights

US: http://amzn.to/2zmmtRX

UK: http://amzn.to/2A5xBjo

CA: http://amzn.to/2z6UiWa

Returning for the summer to her rural home, pre-med student Joana “Jo” Mallory crashes into her teenage crush and elusive neighbor Colin Thompson.

Leaving on the spur of the moment after a family car crash that left Colin and his younger brother Jackson orphans, he joined the military and never looked back. Until now. In order to finance Jax’s Master’s degree, he has returned to dissolve his abandoned parent’s house, renovate and sell it. Or so it seems.

The once fun-loving and audacious Colin has changed in a way that re-ignites Jo’s attraction to him like a firestorm. He’s silent, brooding, mysterious and keeps to himself, but still bad luck seems to follow him where ever he goes.

After a sizzling one night stand, dumbfounded Jo ends up being blown off.

Believing that Colin simply suffers from PTSD after being the lone survivor of his team, Jo sets out to help him, just to learn a terrifying truth, that changes everything.

Publishers note: UnSeal Me is not suited for minors or the faint-hearted as it contains disturbing descriptions of murder, violence, non-con, and demonic possession.

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Coming August 1st

Daddy’s Little Darling

Montana Daddies book 2

Pre-order here: https://books2read.com/u/3RaBOv

She was desperate, homeless and alone…

Charlie was used to fending for herself. She wasn’t necessarily that good at it, considering she was currently living in her car, but it was the only life she knew. She didn’t have family or friends and she certainly wasn’t used to anyone caring about what she did.

Then she takes a temporary job on Sanctuary Ranch, where the men are all dominant and alpha and the woman are cherished and protected. And suddenly there are rules, and consequences for breaking them, and she isn’t certain how she feels about that. Considering the man acting as her guardian is also her boss, and the sexiest, most dominant man she’s ever met.

He’s blunt, gruff and used to getting his way…

Clint likes to be in control. Craves it. What he doesn’t like are surprises. And that’s exactly what she is. A complete and utter shock to the system. She’s in need of a protector, a Daddy to take care of her.

But that someone can’t be him.

Can’t wait

🖤 The Beautiful and the Damned🖤

♤ Ace of Spades MC Book 1 ♤

By Aleisha Maree and M. Kristine

Release Date: 8th August 2019

Genre: MC Romance


I’ve loved him as long as I can remember. He’s older, wiser and sexier than any man I’ve ever seen.

His road name’s Viper and he’s the enforcer for the Ace of Spades MC, my father’s club. To me he is just Luca; Luca Warren.

He has protected me since I was born. Refuses to acknowledge the feelings he has for me or mine for him.

He does everything he can to push me away, until my life is threatened and he’s tasked with keeping me safe.

Tempers flare and sparks fly when Luca and I are sent into hiding.


I am a dangerous man who’s club uses me to enforce more than the rules. My hands are dirty and my soul is black. I have a devil that whispers in my ear as a demon kisses my neck.

For years I have beaten and fucked my way up the ranks to where I stand now. Let me tell you, I’ve fought battles that have nothing on the wars I have shed blood in on the streets.

So falling in love with the daughter of the club’s president; the club I’m bound to is a no go.

But I’ve loved Senna since the day I first laid eyes on her.

We are fucked now.

Stuck in a confined space where her teasing soul sends us both on a one way ticket to hell. Letting her go isn’t an option, but loving her is not safe for either of us.

Add to your TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46764482-the-beautiful-and-the-damned

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A Must Read


Book One of the Road Witch series


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A fun and spicy, insta-love romance, between a fallen goddess and a “ghost” wolf shifter.

Smoke – After a battle with vampires, I woke up at the MC. One problem, no one could see me or hear me. And they were all talkin’ about avenging my death. Yeah, it sucks to be a ghost. Six months later, a walking wet dream in pink riding leathers makes my wolf wake up to growl “Mine!” Yeah, I gotta agree. Now what?

Shadow – I’m a self-proclaimed Road Witch. Hey, it sounds better than calling myself a fallen goddess. Right? Anyway, I have been cursed to live as a nearly mortal witch instead of the Goddess I was born to be until I can find my one true soulmate. But now the centuries of wandering the earth to redeem my pantheon is beginning to take a hefty toll and it’s nearly time to restart my life cycle. Feeling apathetic and reckless is a bad combination. Fortunately, I have drawn back to Tulsa by my love for my friends at the Twin Ravens MC. And guess what? I immediately discover my soul’s forever mate.

One tiny, little problem … his spirit has been separated from his body. Now, if we can just sort out this whole dead/not dead thing we can have our happily ever after, right?

This story sizzles without explicit Adult Content, but no worries, there’s plenty of steamy fun and fantastical adventure to be had with this spunky little tale.

Smoke is instantly smitten…here’s an excerpt.

In the blink of an eye, I am on the stairs, a few steps behind Shadow and Tara. Ghost or not, I’m not gonna crowd these women. Of course, my eyes are instantly drawn to their asses. Well, Shadow’s ass.

And what a mighty fine ass it is! If I had real feet, I’d stumble and fall because I cannot take my eyes off her lush, heart shaped backside clad in snug pink riding leathers.

Almost as though she can feel my eyes on her backside or she can hear my thoughts, Shadow looks over her shoulder and winks at me.

AllFather! Help me now! This woman is something special.