Cuff Me, Sir, Bonds of Worship 3
Releasing November 19th!

I held out my hand to Luna. “Care to dance?”

She studied my hand, then my eyes. “Somehow I get the feeling booze might be safer than touching you.”

I laughed loudly and when I sobered, I found one of her dark eyebrows arched with the kind of sass that shot an ache through my balls.

“Give me your hand, little girl,” I said, my tone one most didn’t deny, “and I promise I won’t hurt you—unless you ask me to.”

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Interracial #BDSM #Erotic #Romance #Bondage #Submission #Series #HEA


She’s terrified of werewolves, she knows nothing about the LGBTQ community… So of course, she falls in love with a transgender werewolf!

That’s just how Sonya’s life goes.

#Paranormal #Romance #UrbanFantasy #Bisexual #Pansexual #GenderNonConforming #Elves #Dragons #MagicalCreatures #Werewolves #Interracial #Multicultural

Lady Troubles 1: Technical Difficulties



What can be more frightening than finding a dead werewolf pup on your desk? Discovering that you’re having erotic dreams about a werewolf coworker.

Sonya is straight. She’s also terrified of werewolves. So, when she’s forced to work with a trans, m2f, wolf, the last thing she expects is to fall in love. But, hey, not so fast. Falling in love with a werewolf means living in her pack, where first time sex equals mating. For life.

Lady Troubles 2: Practical Difficulties



Maxine, a trans male-to-female werewolf, is struggling against her past. Her mate is pregnant and her mate is uncomfortable with the pack.

Ghosts from Maxine’s past rise to break the new lovers apart, and they have help from the pack. Where do Maxine’s loyalties lie? With the people she’s been with for decades or with her new mate?

Lady Troubles 3: Tactical Difficulties


Release Date: 11/15/2019


Work and pregnancy are driving Sonya crazy. Her mate’s concern about her well-being isn’t helping because that concern takes the form of overprotectiveness.

But when Sonya is kidnapped, she finds strength in herself and her mating bond that she never knew existed.