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He’s the alpha heir, and he’s not going to lower himself for a mate. He wants her, but he will place his duties above her, his mate. His actions have made it impossible for him to redeem himself later. Stubborn wolf, it’s his loss.

It’s funny how hard Jared tries to fight his bond, and I love it when Pip puts him in his place. It amazes me that he thinks he can assign her a role and that Pip will smile and kiss his ass on command. She will never submit to his aggression and unforgivable behavior. I love that she stands up to him and never allows him to break her. No matter how much he tries. I can’t wait to see her revenge.

Pip has been hunted, tortured, and abused by many, but she never gave up or surrendered who she is to their hate. She’s a beautiful, loyal friend and a person that will fight for those she loves. I love her mischievous nature and how she never lets anyone bring her down. I love her fearless and how beautiful she is in her human and wolf forms.

Pip is a badass warrior, and I can’t wait to read more.

Narrah is finding herself, learning to control her magic more. Her friendship with the guys is growing with everything they’ve experienced. They have fought and saved each other.

I love when they stop fighting their attraction and let their passion go. It’s such an open and honest connection. They love each other with no judgment. Their love is fearless, possessive, passionate, and it’s real. A bond that is unbreakable and only grows stronger with their love.

Theirs lots of mystery and surprises at every turn. I don’t understand why Martell is even in the picture. He tried to kill her after rejecting her, and now he wants and needs her. Just foolish. You think your actions are forgiven or forgotten. Enemies at every turn and left with another cliffhanger damn.

Nahra is rejected and betrayed omega with a secret. She has no choice but to run with her sister. She will not let anyone hurt her or her sisters. They get separated and promise to find each other. Viking alphas find Narah and promise to help her find her sister.

Ragnar is on a mission to save his sister. He tries to fight his attraction to Narrah, but it’s impossible and too much chemistry. Stone, Niko, and Crius are always there to add mischief and excitement to the mix. The characters draw you in immediately, and it’s a real page-turner hard to put down.

I love how they fight the pull that sizzles around them. They learn to work together and be honest with each other. They get the chance to get to know each other and survive together.

The story is full of twisted things, obstacles, and many surprises that make it exciting to read. I can’t wait for the next story.

Winter storm and cancel fights lead to new friendships and breaking the rules to get Belle on the naughty list. So much fun, let go and enjoy.

Maxwell and Danny are sexy, sweet, and both attracted to Belle. They want to make her smile and help her have fun for once in her life.

I love how creative and mischievous the guys are. Just what Belle needed in her life. They bring her out of her shell. Each guy gives her a taste of their naughty side. She joins the fun and has them begging for more. Belle learns to stand up for herself and to enjoy her life.

The Naughty List is well written, filled with strong characters, humor, wonderful romance that will have you glued to your seat as you read this fantastic Christmas story. Let’s all join the naughty list and have a wonderful holiday.

The mountain daddies always have an incredible Xmas story. Each daddy goes out of his way to celebrate and make moments memorable for all the littles. I love to catch up with some of my favorite characters from past books.

The littles are mischievous and adorably sweet. I love how they keep their daddies on their toes. They bring joy and the right amount of naughtiness to keep the daddies happy.

I love getting to see the littles grow with the love and happiness they have found with their daddies. It’s always lovely to read that they are still being bratty and enjoying their lives. A real treat for the holidays.

He’s the alpha heir, and he’s not going to lower himself for a mate. He wants her, but he will place his duties above her, his mate. His actions have made it impossible for him to redeem himself later. Stubborn wolf, it’s his loss.

It’s funny how hard Jared tries to fight his bond, and I love it when Pip puts him in his place. It amazes me that he thinks he can assign her a role and that Pip will smile and kiss his ass on command. She will never submit to his aggression and unforgivable behavior. I love that she stands up to him and never allows him to break her. No matter how much he tries. I can’t wait to see her revenge.

Pip has been hunted, tortured, and abused by many, but she never gave up or surrendered who she is to their hate. She’s a beautiful, loyal friend and a person that will fight for those she loves. I love her mischievous nature and how she never lets anyone bring her down. I love her fearless and how beautiful she is in her human and wolf forms.

Pip is a badass warrior, and I can’t wait to read more.

Cassius is the joker with a heart of gold. He’s so sweet in the way he helps everyone he loves. He knows that with laughter, things can get better. Cassius puts everyone’s happiness before himself, and he needs to take care of those he loves.

Jessa is the reformed mean girl. She learns a harsh lesson and has to take a closer look at her life and the people around her. She has difficulty finding herself, and only Cassius dares to break her wall and help her find her strength again.

Cassius doesn’t let anyone or anything stop him from protecting Jessa and fighting all her demons. He brings her out of her shell and makes her shine bright again. He shows her the error of her old ways and makes her see the beautiful woman she can become if she just opens up.

Jessa gives Cassius what he needs. They have a beautiful relationship, great chemistry, and a connection of love and understanding. Together, they find love and fill all the broken pieces of their hearts. They have an adorable relationship.

Lena is a badass warrior. I love her strength and will to be fearless. She comes off as reckless, but she’s an intelligent, smooth, passionate baddie. I love her as an actual role model.

West is charming, adorable, sweet and protective of his loved ones. He’s hurting and so lost at the moment. Secrets are never good. Trying to protect someone’s feelings never works because they will get hurt twice as much, one for the secret you kept and two because you kept that information from them. It’s a double betrayal.

The bond Lena and West have is so sweet. When you grow up together, you see who each person is. Lena has loved West for a long time. I love how gentle and sweet West handles Lena. He knows that she is strong and independent, but he brings out her heart and lets her guard down and be free.

Trauma is hard to work on the damage left behind. West and Lena find a way to help each other. They work on keeping their relationship honest and open. They work and make each day unique and show each other how much love they have.

The Fight In Us is a fantastic continuation of a tremendously stunning series. I can’t wait for all the guys to find love. So excited for the next book.

I was so excited to read this story. I missed Caiden and Winter, and I love them and can’t get enough. A Cavendish Christmas is the perfect Xmas story. The guys are back and full of cheer and mischief.

Cassius is the best Santa with his charm and wittiness. He makes all their dreams come true. He and Winter work together to give everyone some time for fun and family. Laughter and joy are all around, along with some surprises that will have you celebrating with them.

I love the loyalty and strong bonds the guys have. Together they keep each other sane. It’s hard to face so much trauma and not get lost. Their love and brotherhood are so special. Winter adds her passion and understanding to the group. She gives them her loyalty, and they become a tight broken family.

The betrayals cut deep and leave scars. Winter and Caiden lost so much. They both learned hard lessons that connect them in a way that only makes their love stronger. Together they build a future full of honesty and love.

I love the growth in their relationship. Caiden and Winter have an honest relationship, and they talk about everything keeping their bonds strong. They kept things fun and excited, always ensuring they knew their love was always there. No matter what happens, they have each other, and they know they can be who they are without judgment.

This series is full of haunting secrets and twists and turns that will shock you. Every drama and situation has made them a powerful team, and the bonds they have forged are unbreakable. The Four is a genuinely fantastic series.

Caiden finally comes to his senses a gives Winter his heart. They have an incredible, charming, and profoundly touching connection. Something about her makes him feel things he’s never felt before, which excites him.

Winter earns the admiration and respect of the men. They become a tight family that is very protective of each other.
Winter is beautiful, wild, sweet, and fearless. She loves Caiden and makes him crazy with her strength and independence.

The thing I love about The Four series is catching up with some of my favorite characters. The charm and appeal of the characters are infectious and make the story addictive.

A delightful story that is fast-paced with many twists and turns to keep you entertained. I loved this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

Winter is on a mission to find the truth. She moved and started a new school where the elite instantly disliked her. The four include her new stepbrothers that are making her life a nightmare.

Caiden has a love and hate reaction to Winter. It’s a back and forth dance that makes him mean and hateful to her, and at the same time, he’s protective and possessive with her. I loved the interaction between them.

No matter how much they fight the attraction, they can’t escape each other. Winter and Caiden connect deeply on the way they’ve both experienced loss. Winter brings light and joy back into his life, and he is open, honest, and adorably sweet once he lets her in.

Caiden has difficulty connecting his feelings, and let go of his hatred is hard. The emotions and reactions from all the characters show us how different we react to trauma and how it changes who we are. The love and connection with his brothers kept him sane. However, Winter made him open up and feel again.

I love how badass and passionate Winter is. She didn’t let anything stand in her way. I love her spirit and fearlessness. She fought and stood up for herself and those she loves. I love how protective of them she is.

I love this incredible Christmas story. So much love to celebrate. A pack that is finally complete, the alphas have an extraordinary relationship, and Cyn brings them together with her love and understanding.

She strengthens their relationship as omega is easy for her to see them and show how special they are. They have found a way to make each other happy, and they have a beautiful mated bond that is so special.

Marcus is the most beautiful character of this series. He puts his love for his mates first, and everything he does is to keep them safe and always protected.

I love how much their relationship grew, and they became a family. Each event was done with so much love and happy moments. I love Cyn and her alphas, a truly fantastic story.

Cyn is an omega that knows what she wants. She’s strong and has overcome so much. She works hard to make herself stronger she will never let anyone control her, showing them that omegas are not weak.

Orion is holding back, trying to protect them from his family.
Bren is an adorable badass who will keep you smiling and falling in love with him. Rhys is the quiet protecting teddy bear with a heart full of love.

Marcus is the alpha protector. He does everything for his mates and sacrifices anything to make them happy. He’s a very guarded guy who doesn’t trust easily, but once he does, it’s with all his heart.

Good Girl is a unique story, and it teaches us that we need to be careful with how we treat people. When you find the people that make you happy, you need to keep them safe. A love story that values family and fights to keep them happy.

Saint, Mateo, and Callum are the Boneyard Kings. They take being evil, cruel, and twisted to a whole new level. The way the tormented and scared Everly was beyond the need for revenge.

I think they crossed the line with her, and I don’t see how they can redeem themselves.

Everly is going through the loss of her parents and is being manipulated by her uncle. She is the target of the hate and humiliation of the Merciless Kings. She has no idea why they want to hurt her, and she is utterly alone with no answers.

This story ended was a bit extreme, and I can’t see how things can get better after that. 

Keira has a bad habit of trusting the wrong guys. She couldn’t believe the trouble she was in for being too trusting. Keira is all alone and scared, and she is afraid to believe in Zander after everything she’s been through.

Zander is brutally honest and has no filter. He has a hard time understanding emotions, but he will go out of his way to defend people in need. His team is his family, and he is significantly overprotective of them and their safety.

Keira feels a connection to Zander. She finds his quirkiness adorable, and she goes out of her way to make him smile and open up. Zander gives Keira the strength to face her fears, and he provides the space and helps her be herself.

This story is extraordinary because you see how much trauma affects us and our behavior. Zander took the time to get to know Keira. He knew that her needs were important, and he found a way to help her heal without losing who she was. He gave her a family, and they found love and happiness together.

Zander is one of my favorite Daddy Doms in this fantastic series.

Cullen Cutler is grumpy and hates Christmas, and that is until he meets a beautiful elve that loves everything Christmas. Ivy is having so much fun decorating for the littles at the ranch, and she wants them to have a memorable holiday.

Cullen and his cousin Marcus are going to spend Christmas at Rawhide Ranch. Marcus is a little, and Cullen is very protective of him. Marcus and Ivy have an instant connection, and they become quick friends. They also get in trouble together. Something that frustrates and excites Cullen because he gets more time with Ivy.

Cullen realizes that deep down, he is a Daddy Dom. His need to protect and care for Ivy excites him. I love the way their friendship grows into something more. Ivy helps Cullen find himself, and she makes him see that there is so much love in his heart that he needs to let go of the past.

Author Laylah Roberts has created a magical Christmas treat and this story with make you smile all day. A true gem.

Dakota is in need of a break, so when Jace calls her to ask for a favor and a free vacation to Hawaii, she can’t resist. Seeing Jace after all the years, he’s been away made Dakota see how much she’s missed.

Jace, Merrick, and Aurelius are more than brothers. They have been through a lot together, and they have formed a unique and unbreakable bond, and Dakota is the missing piece to make them happy.

Dakota takes her to get to know each guy, and she knows that being with them is the right thing for her. Dakota is a sassy, fun, and loving partner, and she sure knows how to keep each of her men happy. I love the way they take their time to consider their relationship. I love how open and honest they are about their fears and how they work to make sure each one is happy.

A charming story of finding love and fighting for what makes you happy.

Nanny for the Santas is a special Christmas treat. I think that Max is the angel of this story, and she’s adorable and the glue that makes this family so strong and unique.

Piper is all heart. I love the way she creates a special bond with each guy. She gets to know them and brings each out of their shell with her love. Her relationship with her mom is impressive to read. They have a unique open mother-daughter best friendship i envy.

Grayson is a hardworking single father with a heart of gold. He has a special grace with his love for children. His bond and relationship with Max are full of love and sweetness. Ethan is the sexy, fun, and adorable bartender, and Cole is a protective teddy bear with a huge heart.

I can tell you that the story is full of surprises and Christmas joy.
Each character is fun and protective of family, and they love each other and will stand together no matter what. Nanny for the Santas is a page-turning easy-to-read Christmas tear-jerker you will love.

Clara Ricci loves when she gets to deliver pizza to the firehouse. Yup, she loves to see the sexy firefighters that had her blushing all the time. Clara is loyal and protective of her loved ones, and her relationship with her mother is amazing.

Jordan, Derek, and Taylor have a wonderful friendship. They work together to keep the baby safe, including asking Clara to help them watch over the baby. Things quickly start to change once they start working together, and I love how much love they have for Clara.

They can’t fight the attraction and chemistry they all have. I love how the story kept me entertained, and I was so happy to see how each guy gave Clara time and affection. They made sure that the relationship was open and honest. No rush. They form a lovely beautiful family to protect their adorable baby.

I enjoyed this story. A must-read if you love happy endings.

Grand love gives you an emotional rollercoaster of love for Nina and Mason. In this story, we get to see them both grow and make adjustments to make sure their relationship works.

Mason learns that money is not everything. Nina teaches him the value of having someone that loves him without wanting his money. Mason shows Nina that she does have people that love and appreciate her.

Grand love is a beautiful love story. Mason and Nina build a family full of love. All the characters give you a piece of their hearts, and they show you how much love they have for each other.

Nina and Mason are addictive, and they have a beautiful connection and instant attraction. Nina has worked hard to be the independent woman she is, and she is a hardworking lady that knows what she wants.

Mason is rich and emotionless, and he has forgotten to enjoy life until he meets Nina, who opens him up to live again. They have a lot of twists and learning curves to get through, but they find a way to get to know each other.

This story is action-packed and full of emotions from all the characters that want each other to be happy. I love the back and forth between Mason and Nina, and it’s good to see how much each is willing to sacrifice for the other. I can’t wait for the next story.

I loved Ben in his sister’s story, and I can’t tell how much fun this story is to read. A page-turner that will have you instantly hooked.
Ben and his family are all-powerful alphas. They have a beautiful, loving family, and it’s an extraordinary bond, and together they can face anything.

Ben and Thad have a love and hate relationship. Thad is the beta to the wolf that rejected his sister, and that’s one of the things that Ben hates the most. Thad thinks he is superior and fights his attraction to Ben because of it.

Ben knows why Thad is fighting their attraction and does everything his powers to get under his skin. He tries to prove to Thad that status doesn’t mean shit to him. Thad is stubborn and possessive, and it doesn’t matter how much he tries, he will never win against Ben Fortune.

This story is full of surprises, twists and turns, and so much love.
The characters are all unique, and some have grown since book one.
Ben and Thad find love and happiness in each other. They are adorable together.

The fortune family has agreed to start over as Omegas since that was what the alpha had requested. Mave Fortune is excited to move to a new town, and their status doesn’t matter as long as her family is happy.

Mave was shocked that she found her mate on her first day at school, and he rejected her in the most humiliating way. She didn’t understand why he would be so cruel without giving her a chance.
Thank God for her Alpha powers giving her the strength to withstand his rejection. Knox, the iceman, had no idea his mistake.

Mave is an alpha female that doesn’t need someone to save her. She is strong, loving, and caring. She stands up for herself and those she loves. I love her strength the way she never let anyone bring her down. I love her relationship with her family, and it’s exceptional how close and open they are.

I love how she puts Knox on his ass and shows him how much he will regret rejecting her as his mate. She shows him that you should never think you’re better than others just because of your status. Alpha or not, he will never have her.

Mave is a badass alpha female that finds love with a smoking hot human after being rejected by her mate, and he brings peace and happiness. I love this series because it’s action-packed, full of twists and turns and the characters are witty, charming, and so much fun to read.

Twisted, witty, scary, and highly unpredictable. Make Me Lie is an action-packed page-turning nightmare, and it’s so entertaining and will have you fighting for Aurora.

Aurora tries to build a new life for herself, and She is trying to escape from her tragic past with her serial killer father, The Demon. Aurora is only trying to have a normal life however the elites of her school have other plans for her. Aurora is bullied, humiliated, and betrayed at every turn, and she is entirely alone.

The cruel men of the Sphinx secret society are captivated by her, and at the same time, they want to destroy her. Each guy gives Aurora a different taste of their twisted desires, and they make her want them and hate them at the same time. They are cruel and completely amazing when they go out of their way to protect her.

I will not pick a favorite guy because they need to pay for how much they hurt Aurora without giving her a chance. Also, I wouldn’t say I like their hypocrisy against Aurora judging her like they were better than her. I hope she has them all on their knees in the following story, begging for her mercy.

The Leo alpha wants Ayla now after he rejects her and almost kills her. It’s always funny how fast things change when you become valuable, and they need you.

Ayla is a strong woman, and she does everything she can to survive the Leos and the witches. Her love for Kaden gives her the strength to keep going. Her enemies may think she’s beaten, but she’s stronger than them.

Star Cursed shows us that no matter the situation, you should never give up. Fight and stay strong. The love between Kaden and Ayla grows more vital, and it’s so good to read how they fight and keep each other safe. Together they can defeat their enemies. I can’t wait for the next book.

Ayla is rejected and treated poorly by her family and pack. She has never been welcome. Things worsen when her destined mate rejects Ayla, and her pack gets slaughtered by him and his pack.

Ayla ends up being kidnapped by another shifter pack. Kaden takes Ayla, and he shows her that her entire life has been a lie. She finds happiness and friends with him.

Kaden protects and teaches her how to survive. They have fantastic chemistry, and I love the way she always stands up to him. Kaden is the only one that has shown Ayla what a natural Alpha does for his people and the ones he loves. He gives her a way to get stronger, and he shows her love.

This story is so much fun to read. I love all the characters and the way the story keeps you entertained. I can’t wait for the next book.

The Iron Wolves series is fantastic, and each character is special. However, their kids have won our hearts during their stories, and Knowing who their parents are gives you an idea of how amazing their kid’s stories would be.

All the kids have grown closer and become a pack of their own to survive. Xian has grown up fast and hard. He lost Egypt, his mate, and he turned into a deadly protector for his family. He knows the pain of losing his mate, and the only keeping him sane is knowing that she is alive.

Bad Wolf is a story of a family surviving. I love the relationship between the kids and their little pack. They have done everything they can to get back to their family. The story opens when they reunite with their parents.

Author Elle Boon writes books with a lot of love and magical elements that keep you wanting more. All the characters are fun to read, and you can’t help to love them and want more. I can wait for the next story.

Hearts Unleashed brings you new stories from fabulous authors.
Each story is a juicy piece of candy you will enjoy and will keep going for more.

All the authors give you characters and stories full of sensual alpha heroes and sassy heroines that keep them and their toes and guard their hearts with love.

You will love Hearts Unleashed.

I love Lula. She has been helping everyone. She is good at taking care of everyone else that she forgets about herself. She has found her mates, and they won’t stop until she is theirs.

Atika and Abyle can’t wait until they find their mate. I love how possessive and protective are of Lula. They know that she needs them, and they will do anything and everything for her.

Lula and her twins’ story are one of my favorites in this series. Their Dragon Mate is a fun and sweet story with a touch of pink sparkle. You will love all the characters because they are all fantastic, loving, funny, and so protective.

Kenzie is Ryker Faulkner’s guardian angel. It seems she was made to save him and mend his beautiful heart. Ryker has put his life on hold because of past trauma. He is always there to help his family and the people in his circle. He is a man that is only scared of “Death Cooties” he is a possessive alpha male with a heart of gold.

Kenzie is perfect for Ryker. She doesn’t care about his power or wealth. The only thing she cares about is him. Kenzie teaches Ryker to let go and have fun. She gives mend all the broken pieces of his heart. They complete each other.

Endless Shadows teaches us that sometimes we need to step back and look at all we have accomplished. Ryker was able to see all the good he has done and all the ways he has helped people. Kenzie was there to show him how much heart he truly has. A story of soulmates you will love.

Save Me is a story that is full of love and romance. Kieran and Hazel are perfect for each other. Hazel shows him how much love he is holding inside, and Kieran teaches Hazel about the beautiful world of passion.

Hazel introduces Kieran to a love that is so full of trust, loyalty, and happiness. Kieran is an alpha man that knows precisely what Hazel needs. He knows how to give her what she needs to be stronger. Together they discover the true meaning of finding true love.

Author Stacey Kennedy always gives you beautiful love stories full of steamy entertainment, characters with a heart of gold you will love. Kieran and Hazel’s story is one of her best ones.

Kyro is possessively protective of Vanessa, and he will do everything he has to keep her safe. Kyro is the only the that cares about what happens to her. He’s a lovable badass.

Vanessa is the star of this story. She never lets anyone bring her down. Vanessa fights tooth and nail for everything she needs and wants. Being key to everything makes it hard for her to trust anyone.

Vanessa and Ky are great together. They keep each other on their toes, and they have a wonderful relationship that nothing can break.

I think author Kay Riley is an evil genius with that ending. She has created an addictive series that you will love. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.

Vanessa has grown stronger in her time away from Suncrest Bay. She has learned to take care of herself. She has done good at keeping her past behind her. Vanessa is strong, sexy, and so sassy you can help but love her.

Kyro is an alpha that knows what he wants. He has claimed Vanessa as his and will kill anyone that touches her. Their chemistry is explosive. The way they fight their attraction makes the tension run high, but you can’t wait for it to blow.

Fateful Secrets is full of hidden secrets with characters you will love.
I can’t wait to see where the author will lead us in the next book.

It started with a beautiful fantasy in Vegas. Two strangers are escaping and being free for one night. Letting go and living for the moment.

In one night, Maksim gives Aspen precisely what she’s been craving all her life. Together they mend all the broken pieces of their hearts. She’s the light to his darkness. Maksim is her Sweet protector and the only person Aspen needs to make her happy.

Ruthless Stranger is a steamy entertaining love story that you will love.

I wanted to read Lottie’s story. I wanted her to get her happily ever after. I knew that her story would be extraordinary. Lottie is a sweet soul that is easy to see why her family overprotected her.

I love the Malone’s protectiveness and loyalty. They know what they are and are not afraid to show it. They’re all a strong, crazy bunch with a heart of gold.

Liam and Nico are perfect for Lottie. They are what she needs. Nico makes her laugh and keeps her on her toes. Liam makes her feel safe and cherished. With them, she knows she always is loved and happy.

Damaged Princess is a beautiful romance story that teaches us we can find happiness. To never let fear take away what makes us happy. Lottie had her loving family, and now she has the love of her man. I can’t wait to see which Malone is next.

Vow of hell will have you instantly hooked. The story is so entertaining that you will forget everything else. Saint is an ass*****, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Saint is an alpha that knows what he wants and never stops until he gets it.

I love the chemistry between Saint and Aria. I love how their relationship grows. Aria is a hardworking lady that knows what she wants and works hard to get it. I love how she can bring Saint to show his sweet side. I love how Aria tamed Saint with her love.

Burn is a book you’ll love and read again and again. Therapy for the soul by author Stefanie Briar. Each poem is beautifully written and so unique. They all give you something to think about. I love the originality of the pages and each poem.

A must-read poetry book. I love it and can’t thank the author enough for sharing it.

The thing I love about this series is that it is so damn addictive. The story draws you in immediately, and it’s so hard to put down. I love that it’s action-packed and full of surprises.

I love the connection Lilith has with her men. She completes them and heals each of their hearts with her love and acceptance. I love how Lilith can heal each of them and love them fully.

Author Lyra Winters writes stories that touch your heart, and you will keep coming back for more because her stories draw you in immediately, and they are hard to put down.

I loved this book! The series keeps getting better and better!

I love Crimson Tears. It’s full of mystery, drama, suspense, and magic. The characters are infectious, and they draw you in immediately.

Lilith is a strong female, and she earns the admiration and respect of the men. I love her spirit and fearlessness. A true badass. I love how she takes the time to get to know her men individually. She has a special way of loving each of them.

I cannot wait to see where this continues. Looking forward to reading more. A definite must-read!

Sapphire has incredible parents and a wonderful brother that loves her. She’s stayed away to protect them and let them enjoy their lives. I love that no matter what she’s always been true to who she is.

Sapphire is a very smart and confident person. She works hard and gets shit done. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way. Sapphire builds strong friendships and I love her passion for cooking meals.

Sapphire has a special way of handling her haters and the people that want her to fail. She’s strong, smart, and charming a beautiful badass. I really enjoy reading her story.

This is a wonderful story and I can’t wait for the next book.

I love the love and hate fights and their need to be close to each other. He hates that she’s the only one that makes him feel, and he can only keep her close by being mean. Leo is a guy that knows who and what he is. He oozes power and strength. Leo is a heartbreaker and a lover all in one. When he loves you, it’s extraordinary the way he takes care of his loved ones.

Eliana is the star of this story because she stood firm and faced all her battles with all her heart. She didn’t let her enemies see her fail. Instead, she accomplished all her goals and kept true to herself. Eliana is a true badass that won. She won the heart of Leo, and she gave him her love.

This story teaches us that we should never judge a person for the actions of their parents. Elaina faced humiliation, and she was bullied for things her parents did. It was a joy to see how Eliana overcame all her obstacles, achieving all her goals. I highly recommend this incredible story

Cole has been doing a great job of keeping his cool, taking all the challenges with his head high, and never backing down. He’s fought and faced all his demons to maintain his place and power. I love how he never stops thinking about Lexi.

Lexi has been missing Cole. She knows he will be back. She is determined to help and protect those4 that need it even if it means that she losses everything. I love her strength to do the right thing.

Cole is a powerful and kind king willing to do what needs to be done. His relationship with his brothers is complicated but full of love. With Lexi by his side, he will do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones.

This series is action-packed with a loving touch when it comes to family and loved ones. I’m so excited to see where the next book will lead us.

Marcus couldn’t understand why she saved them. To him, she was his guardian angel, and he needed to protect her. In his heart, he knew he needed to keep her away from him, but he just had to protect her. It became his obsession.

This series is different than most because the author made the characters raw and flaw. Each of the main characters was broken, and they were complete only around each other. They were connected by friendship and tragedy.

You will fall in love with each character wishing that they find love and happiness in the world full of chaos they lived in. Everyone deserves to find a person that will love them no matter what. I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next book.

I love Ayla. She has an inner strength that you can’t help admire. I love the way she never cowards against any of the challenges that come her way. She is strong, and she deserves the love of her man.

Marcus, Theo, and Ryland do everything in their power to make sure Ayla knows she’s loved, and their heart. A beautiful soul that risked her life to save them. She gave them the strength to face things because her love was all they needed to be happy.

Ayla is the star of this series because She’s strong and never gives up. She never allows her disability to stop her from living her life to the fullest. She is a good friend with a heart of gold.

Ruthless Games is a beautiful series that is action-packed, and you will meet a small family full of love and badass that will defend each other. I can’t wait for the next book.

Sometimes you think that because people have money that they have good lives. Money is a means to power. The guys have been living a nightmare, and I love how Ayla has come into their lives to not only give them hope that happiness is attainable, but She is willing to help them succeed and end the hell that they’ve been living.

Sweet Salvation is a conclusion to a fantastic series. I love the friendships between Marcus, Theo, and Ryland. They formed a unique family that only needed Ayla to make it complete. I enjoyed this series, and it’s a must-read. You’ll be hooked and will re-read this excellent series.

After reading book one, I was so excited that I only had to wait a week for this story because I wouldn’t say I like cliffhangers. I love how the author wrote this story. It gives us both points of view, and we get a complete picture of everything that happens between Knight and Peyton.

I think that sometimes we make sacrifices to make sure our loved ones are happy. Peyton put her life on hold to fulfill her parent’s dreams. She became what her father wanted and protected her mother. She suffered and did things to keep the peace, but she never lost her heart, and that’s what makes her beautiful.

Peyton and Knight complete each other. They are soulmates, a beautiful couple full of love and happiness. Way Back When is a well-written love story that will have you falling in love. The author connects all the dots and gives you a romatic soulmate’s story.

Peyton is a sweet and hardworking girl. She’s loving and caring and has a romantic heart. She gives her all to everything she does, and she follows her heart. Being part of the pen pal programme excites her.
Interacting and exchanging letters with a stranger make Peyton nervous and let her question destiny and the possibility of soulmates. Is Cassanova her ideal mate, or is it just a joke?

I love how her friendship with Cassanova is honest, and they connect. It’s funny how excited Peyton is to receive a letter. Her friendship with Knight grows from nonexistent to sweet friends to lovers one.

Knight turns into her best friend and protector. He wants to make her smile and keep her happy. A wonderful friendship that is special.

This story teaches us that writing your thoughts and feelings or even asking questions with a pen pal can open you up to an honest and fun friendship. It’s like you can let your guard down and have an honest conversation with a genuine interest in getting to know the other person.

I’ve never hated a character as much as I do Caiden the snake. Here you have a story full of abuse, deception, and manipulation. Caiden is the angel that can do no wrong. He has everyone fool.

I was angry that no one was on Everly’s side to protect her. Jackson was so full of hate that he was blind to everything going on. By the time the truth came out, I don’t think Jackson had done enough to be forgiven by Everly.

Everly forgave too quickly and came off as weak. She kept coming up with excuses to stay silent and blame herself for the way things turned out. She was always waiting for Jackson to be her hero. Everly only had eyes for Jackson.

I think that Jackson and Everly complete each other. They survived a terrible situation, and their love stood firm, and now they are happy together.

This story deals with serious situations that people respond differently to. The author did a great job of giving us a way of seeing things from her perspective, giving us a terrific duet with a happy ending.

Jackson and Everly’s story is an emotional rollercoaster of deception and secret enemies pretending to be the light of the story. Jackson is an asshole with a massive chip on his shoulders but a heart of gold. He’s always being compared to his twin.

I was heartbroken by the truth of how evil someone can be to his own family. Wow.

Everly is very sweet and innocent, and my heart goes out to her. I think that she needed to stand up for herself more and not just accept things. Everly silence causes her to suffer.

This story teaches us that sometimes bad things happen, and when you think you are finally free of the bad, something worse happens. You have to speak up and fight for yourself.

Behind The Mask is a beautifully twisted story where the bad guy is the hero. Ryker has saved her life before. Ryker’s skull mask and eyes are all she remembers.

Kaia is a bit naive and trusting. She goes with the flow and avoids confrontation. Her husband is a loser that doesn’t love her the way she deserves.

Ryker is a man that knows exactly who and what he is. He does his best to hurt Kaia and make her see that the world is full of monsters and that he’s the worst of them all.

However, something happens that changes them. They see that the darkness is something that connects them. Kaia learns the truth and accepts that her heart has been missing and only Ryker can complete her. He’s the dark hero of her dreams.

Sometimes we need the monsters to save us from a very dull and unfulfilled life. Ryker was the man Kaia required to be happy. I think that as long as you love each other, you can have happiness. I loved this story. Behind The Mask is a must-read.

Rogan, Brady, Asher are unique family. They are trying to raise their kids and run a successful company. They are doing the best they can. They are the proud fathers of beautiful and wild triplets.

Heather is a surprise for them. She is the key to keeping their family in order. She’s the wild card that will keep them happy and having amazing adventures together.

Nanny for the Seals is a beautiful, fun, and exciting story you will instantly love. Must Read.

Beau and Maddox Malone are amazing. I love their chemistry and how good they are for Scarlett. They make her feel beautiful and cherished.

I understand her insecurities and her anxiety around the guys. I loved how she found herself, and with the love of Beau and Maddox, she was able to shine and find her soulmates.

The Malones are a beautiful family that loves and accepts each other. They don’t let anyone mess with their family, and that is what makes them exceptional. I love this story and can’t wait for the next Malone brother or cousin. Highly recommend this author. All her books are great.

Only You is a beautiful story of finding a friend and lover during a pandemic. They started by sharing a delicious meal, having conversations over wine, following the rules, and keeping their distance.

Donovan Russo is the star of this story because he is the one that brings Molly out of her shell and helps her have fun. He teaches her to have fun and live in the moment. He brings her joy and amazing meals.

I love how they grow to love each other in a fun and caring way. Being together during a pandemic helped them find joy in the small things. They broke the rules and found love in each other arms. A charming love story that will touch your heart.

Jax is an incredible person. He just found out the secret that Kendal kept from him. Jax is understanding, and his love for Kendal grows more with how much love and care she has for their son. He loves him instantly is fantastic to see him with his little double.

Jax is the star of this story because he takes his time to reconnect with Kendal and his son. He finds ways to make both their lives better. He gives all the love and attention. I love the way Jax takes care of them and all their needs. He is so loving and caring.

A genuinely fantastic story that everyone will love. I highly recommend this series. I can’t wait to read the next book.

Rockstar Daddy is an extraordinary story. Kendal loves Jax so much that she leaves him so that he can follow his dreams of being a successful rockstar. Kendal sacrifices her love and her heart to give him a chance a living his dreams. I think that Kendal made the right decision she follows her heart and does the best she could.

Jax is a superstar, and he has never forgotten Kendal. She’s the one he wants in his life. He would do anything to have her back and is surprised by the reason she left him. I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next book.

This book was like a message from the universe. I needed to read this book. It came at the right time. I can’t tell how powerful this book is. I was going through hell and didn’t see a way out.

Then this book with all the words I couldn’t find and all the emotions I faced in all the stories. It was like the author was speaking for me on some of the pages. I was able to see the light finally and see hope that things would be better.

I know that I will need to be strong, face everything with positivity, and give my all to accomplish all my goals, even if I have to do them alone.

Dear author, thank you for sharing your journey and showing us light after darkness and pain.

Nanny for the Billionaire is a beautiful story of finding love and happiness. Kate is happy to be working as a nanny for Braxton Nash.
She loves his remarkable children. They are so intelligent and sweet.
I love her relationship with the kids.

Braxton, Adam, and Mathias are each unique. They each bring something special to the relationship. Each one is filling a piece of Kate’s heart. They build a great friendship and have so much fun together.

I love the unity between them. Love and openness make this story so unique. I enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend this Fantastic story.

Bonita has always followed her heart. She has never let her illness stop her from pursuing her dreams. Bonita is a woman that knows what she wants and fights for it. I love how strong she is, and she never lets her illness stop her.

On her journey to Iceland to film a documentary about Sasha Snow, She realizes that she is equally attracted to all the men. Bonita doesn’t see her beauty or the fact that her friends are also attracted to her.

I think Sasha and her men are the stars of this story because they know and have experience with what they are going through. With their help, they open Bonita and her men’s eyes to the ways an open and honest relationship works.

Sleeping with Beauty is a beautiful story that shows us to follow our hearts and be open to love and happiness.

Sasha is having a horrible time with her co-workers. She finds herself in trouble, and she is saved by seven hunks that want to protect her and keep her safe in their arms.

I love how caring and loving they are with Sasha. The guys are all great individually, but together they are everything She’s ever dreamed of.

This beautiful story is passionate and Steamy. Full of adventure, love, and an open relationship that can’t be broken. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down.

Entwined is a fantastic love story. Michael Blaire and Siena Moretti have an exciting relationship. He’s focused on getting the hotel up and running. Siena is back after a horrible breakup. They are not looking for love; however, they can’t avoid the attraction they have for each other.

The stars of this story are Siena’s cool grandparents. They bring fun and joy to this story. They guide and help all the characters and bring so much love to everyone around.

Michael and Siena are a great couple, and they have a way of making each other open up and show the side they have been hiding and protecting. They are perfect for each other.

A beautiful love story that shows us the power of love can heal your heart with the right person by your side. I enjoyed this fantastic story and highly recommend it.

I love Keep Me. Elise and Archer have explosive chemistry. It’s a story that grabs you in and doesn’t let go. You can’t escape all the fun and excitement. Each page is more addictive. I wanted Elise and Archer to be together. They brought out the best of each other.

Archer was exactly what Elise need to be free and open to love and happiness that only he could bring her. Archer was able to charm his way into her soul and get her to open up and love.

Keep Me is a beautiful story that shows us what happens when you are loved and accepted for who you are. It’s an adventurous, sexually open love story that will melt your heart.

Author Stacey Kennedy brings you fantastic love stories that you will read repeatedly, and you will keep coming back for more because they are just that good. Once you read one, you’ll be addicted for me more. I highly recommend this series.

Zoey is a true survivor. She fought for her dreams and she accomplished All her goals successfully. She learned to live life again. She made her own decisions to create her happiness and she found love.

Elise and Hazel are the best friends to have in your corner. They are both fun and beautiful. They bring out the best in Zoey and they never let her give up on herself.

Rhys is a wonderful gentleman. He’s a creator of passion and desire. He’s a problem solver and truly romantic. I love the way he solves problems and how supportive he to with his loved ones.

Rhys has Zoey’s closure and he opens her heart to love. He gave her the keys to his heart and a beautiful life together. I love how she makes him break all his rules. True love is so sweet.

This is my favorite book by author Stacey Kennedy. I love how the ladies out smarter the man to get in the club and how they are together. They have wonderful friendships and when they join forces they are unstoppable.

A beautiful story! I highly recommend it.

Midnight’s Secret is not your typical love story because it is more of a lesson in finding happiness and letting it go. Herod D’Argyle and Arabella Strachan are soulmates. They understand and accept each other. They have an incredible instant connection. Arabella brings hope and happiness to Herod’s soul. She is the only person that can save him.

Arabelle is a beautiful young lady that knows what she wants and goes for it. She stands up for what she believes in. Arabelle is the star of this story and the one that suffers the most. She is a strong lady who followed her heart and found love.

I understand why Herod did what he did. I can’t entirely agree with him, but I know that he is on a vital mission that he needs to complete. I understand his need to have a piece of happiness; even if it was for only a short time, he could have love and a family.

This story teaches you to take a step back and enjoy. Love and family are what make us fight. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to keep our loved ones protected.

Herod was making sure that they were protected. Herod was a true hero because he did everything in his powers to protect them and finish his mission even at the cost of his own heart.

This book will have you hooked, it’s a roller coaster ride of many emotions. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Her lucky charm is a good story. The characters are lovable and caring.

I like how open and understanding Rose was with her guys. This story teaches you to take a step back and enjoy.

This book will have you hooked, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Surrogate with benefits will have you on an emotional rollercoaster of love. I love Jordyn. She is the star of this story. Her ability to make people happy and her drive to live a happy fulling life had me hooked. I wanted to more about her and go on her journey. She is a true survivor with a heart of gold.

Aiden, Elliot, and Connor have a beautiful family and friendship. They know what they want, and they are not afraid to make it happen. They have a great relationship with Jordyn. They bring each other passion and happiness.

This story teaches us that as long as they are all happy and love each other, anything is possible. Love conquers all.

I wanted to read the story for Jacob Reyes for a long time. I wanted to read how a little wrapped herself around his heart. I always thought he would make a badass Daddy. I knew that his story would melt my heart and have me loving him even more.

This story shows us never to judge a book by its cover. Reyes is Badass and sweet, plus protective and dominant. Just perfect for Emme. Emme is so sweet and unpredictable. I wanted to hug her and play with her. Just adorable.

I love this story. It’s full of love and heart. P.s the fox is always special in anything he does, and I’m starting to think he’s a magical dangerous godfather, sprinkling love and sparkle.
A true gem and a joy to read. I can’t wait for the next book.

Chasing Demons is a story full of adventure, friendships, family, love, and secrets. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Chris gives this story heart, and I love him.

Alyssa loves her life, and she’s excited to go home and celebrate her birthday. Alyssa is a girl full of love, and she follows her heart no matter what.

Chris fights his attraction, and he does everything in his power to protect everyone. His love for his daughter is so sweet. Chris and Alyssa a perfect for each other. They know and accept each other.
I love this story and can’t wait to read the next book.

Any book from Brenda K Davis is highly addictive and will have you wanting more. Shadow Fire is absolutely a great start to a new series. I was transported on a fantastic adventure full of danger, love, survival, and lots of love.

I love Cole. He is a very lovable character. I love how protective and loving he is to his family. They are mighty alpha warriors with hearts of gold.

Lexi and Cole have an instant attraction and connection. I love how Lexi pushes Cole to show his feelings. They are so sweet together.
A perfect match of hearts. I loved their chemistry. Lexi is stronger than she knows. i love her compassion and the way she does what needs to be done fiercely.

I can’t wait to continue reading this series.

I love when a woman knows what she wants and goes for what she wants. Karen is out looking for a break and finds an adventure that will change her life. One very steamy hot night with two sexy guys will give her more than she expected.

Karen is bright, beautiful and she knows herself. She knows that she’s attracted to all three of her seals. They each bring a different side, and she is having fun getting to know them better.

Hunter makes her laugh and is so much fun. Cairo is exciting and spontaneous. Logan is a tough badass that needs Karen to soften and bring love and joy into his life. Together they explore all the ways they can make each other happy. A relationship built on love and acceptance, they are perfect for each other. A true family.

I love and enjoy reading all of Author Cassie Cole’s stories. I highly recommend them all.

I love everything Cassie Cole, and I can’t get enough of her books.
She has a way of giving you steamy and loving stories that will have you begging for more. I love all her stories.

The Proposition is a story, a page-turner that will have you hooked instantly. The chemistry between Nadia and her guys’ sizzles, and you will love it. I love the way they communicate and express their feelings to make sure that everyone is happy.

A relationship where they are giving each other what they need and grow together. Ryan brings spice and fire always down for what Nadia wants and needs. Andy the sweet and shy guy that loves to go on unique dates and lets Nadia test his adventurous side. Dorian the fun and lovable one that gives her the friendship and connection they both need. Braden, the beautiful guy that makes her melt with his loving and offers her support and love.

This story brings you a relationship with five people that find love and acceptance in each other’s lives. They know what they want, and they find joy in each other arms. A unique family that loves and finds happiness.

A true Jem one of my favorites, and I highly recommend all books by author Cassie Cole.

I love the way author Avery Gale writes addictive stories with Hot Alpha Doms that know how to love, protect and punish you when you need it. Each story is unique, and they all have amazing couples you will love in each story.

Well Written is a steamy story full of love and scenes so hot you need a fan and a cold shower. I love the way Nate and Taz work together. They have a loving, fun unbreakable bond. They know how to make you fall in love, and I was happy that they found Kodi.

Kodi is a beautiful, smart lady. She is a wonderful sister and a fantastic friend. Her chemistry and connection with Nate and Taz is so Hot. They are exactly what she needs to be happy and loved.
I love this series and highly recommend it.

Kace and Cam are best friends and famous athletes. They have people all over them all the time. So when they meet a woman that doesn’t know who they are or cares, they are intrigued.

Ali is attempting to overcome her past, and she’s only working to help her friend. However, Ali finds herself drawn to Kace and Cam. I love how they build a fun friendship, and it’s like they have known each other. She’s the perfect fit for their relationship. Hot and steamy and highly addictive.

Kace, Cam, and Ali make a beautiful trio, and it was a fantastic sports romance page-turner to read. I highly recommend it.

Georgina James is a woman that knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it. I love her strength and ability to be shy and strong at the same time. She is a woman that has survive and become a hero for others.

Ed is the star of this story. I love how caring and understanding he is. I think that he gives Georgina the strength to be herself for the first time. He is perfect for her in every way. I love how much love Ed shows Georgina, and he is everything she needs and more.

Author Laylah Robert has created a magical world of amazing littles and Alpha daddies that love and cherish them. I love this series, and I can’t wait for the next book.

I love this series. Each one is better and hotter than the last one.
Her Daddy’s Jewel surprised me because I was not expecting how adorable and touching this story is after getting to know Jewel and Jason in the other stories.

Jason’s passion and devotion is the reason this is my favorite story in the series. Jason is the perfect badass with a heart of gold. A genuine fantastic guy that loves deeply. He was able to bring joy and happiness to Jewel’s life.

I can’t recommend this series enough. All I will tell you is that once you read one book, you’ll be hooked. An addiction worth having amazing stories with surprising alphas that love deeply.

Author Krista Wolf is a love magician, and Her stories are always addictive, Fun, and full of self-discovery and acceptance. Her books
draw you in immediately, and they are hard to put down.

The Vacation Toy takes on a rollercoaster ride with lots of steamy moments. I love the friendship and respect Brooke and the guys have. A beautiful paradise with three amazing guys. Oh, how exciting.

Brooke is curious and adventurous. She’s not afraid to take action and go for what she wants, and that is what I love about this story.
She knows that once she takes the next step, things will forever be changed beautifully.

An unexpected twist with strengthed their relationship because it will give them the chance to work together and stay busy getting to know each other and winning.

Brooke is the star of this story because she keeps everyone around her happy, and she is the most loyal friend ever. Her bond with the guys is terrific to read. I love when couples help build each other up and truly accept each other, making it true love.

Out of all the books in this series so far, this has been my favorite one. I loved the interaction between Tinsley and Paxton. She brings out his fun and happy side. They are amazing together, and they know it.

I loved that we got to see some of our favorite characters. I know they will make me laugh and fall in love with them all over again. The love and loyalty the family brings is infectious. Out of all the books in this series so far, this has been my favorite one.

This story will touch your heart and make you cry. I love the history and how hard Tinsley fought to make things right. A truly remarkable story you will love.

I cannot wait to see where this series continues. A definite must-read!

Cassandra Levin has been beating herself up for years. She has given up and wants to drown all her hurt with a bottle. Grief is a process that will eat you up if you don’t have the right support system.

A promise that saves her life and helps everyone heal. Cassandra will learn that she’s never been alone and that she is loved. She has a family that needs her, and She works hard to make things better for herself and everyone around her.

Mack is the star of this story. He is the hero that steps up and keeps the family together. He does everything he can to make sure they are happy and safe. I love his dedication and patience with Cassandra. He builds a beautiful relationship with her that gives her the strength to keep going because she has him in her life, and she knows he will never let her down.

A beautiful love story with so much growth and spiritual elements that will touch your heart.

Bella Taylor is an amazing woman. She’s a wonderful mother, so dedicated and loving. Belle is attracted to Levi however, she is not sure she’s ready to move on.

Levi is strong, protective, and in love with Belle. He knows he has to be careful not to scare her away. Levi wants to get to know everything about her.

I love how their friendship grows, they have so much in common, and they are both survivors. Each learns from their past to be better than those in their family. I love their spiritual connection. Belle’s Faith is contagious. She has a way of explaining her love for God in such a beautiful way.

I love how much the community and family stood together to defend Belle and Levi. Love that way again is a beautiful, touching story that will have you believing in second chances and unconditional love.

Christie is a beautiful, hardworking lady that wants to keep her dogs happy. She is doing everything she can to make her yearly gift-wrapping fundraiser gets a lot of donations. She is surprised by this year’s sexy volunteers.

Riley, Harper, and Logan are handsome and charismatic. They are making the fundraiser exciting, and it’s turning out to be the best one because of them.

I love the way they charm their way into Christie’s heart and life. They show her that the holidays can be more fun with three sexy guys to pleasure and enjoy. I love their connection and friendship.

This story is perfect for the holidays. It brings you the fun and steaminess you need to stay warm and entertain. A sizzling take you must-read.

Author Laylah Roberts books are well written, with strong and loveable characters, humor, exciting littles with badass caring daddies, and wonderful romance stories.

The charming nature of all the littles was so funny and entertaining. I enjoy reading about their Christmas cheer and wishes. They know how to make my day fun. I couldn’t stop smiling.

The star of this story is the Fox, it’s like he knows exactly what each of them needs, and he’s just so charming. I can’t wait for his story.

I love getting to catch up with some of my favorite characters from past books. I love how the author connected all the series and gave us fun interaction between the characters. I loved this story, and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

Sloane is betrayed and looking for a way to keep herself busy. She wants to have the best Christmas ever. Sloane’s charming nature is infectious. She draws you in immediately.

I love the connection and interaction between the guys. They are all so unique, and I love how they solve all of Sloanes problems together. They know what she wants and go above and beyond to make her feel special and loved.

This story is the perfect Christmas read. I just absolutely loved this book, and I can’t wait to read whatever the author writes next. A definite must-read!

Lucian has been one of my favorite characters in this series. I was excited about his story, and I can’t tell you how much I love it.

I was able to fall in love with Lucian again. He has a special way of making you swoon. Callie brought him back and saved his life. She has a deep connection to him where she knows him so intently that his feelings don’t need to be expressed. She knows his actions speak for him.

I love that we got to see what’s going on with the other characters and their mates. This series is addictive and always has me hooked. I can’t wait for the next story.

I love Sidney and Kade’s story and the beautiful Immortals of New Orleans series. Each book is unique and a must-read. Out of all the books in this series so far, this has been my favorite one. I love getting to catch up with some of my favorite characters.

Sidney and Kade are perfect for each other. I loved the interaction and love between them. They know that as long as they stand together, nothing can stop them.

Sidney is a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. I love her spirit and fearlessness when it comes to those she loves. With Kade at her side, they are unstoppable.

A beautiful continuation of a fantastic series full of unforgettable characters. I have loved, devoured, and savored each book and can’t wait for the next book. Author Kim Grosso is a master at creating steamy and heartwarming stories you will love. I absolutely recommend this amazing series!!

One wager and the fun begins. Payton knows that she’s never going to get another chance to win points for the wager. Until a sexy stranger named, Jackson knocks on her door and gives her the keys to her dreams.

Jackson is the star of this story. He’s the protective and understanding magician making all of Payton’s dreams into a sensual reality. He’s the one that’s never afraid to give her the extra push she needs to go for her dreams.

This story teaches us that life is to be lived. You need to go for your dreams and follow your heart to happiness. I had a wonderful time reading this sizzling hot story. Payton and her men will have you taking a cold shower or attacking your husband.

This story is so sweet and addictive. I was instantly hooked the characters are easy to love and connect to. They are wild and fun and a joy to read. Aiden knows that she’s the one that got away. He knows he wants her in his life and he takes the chance to bring the agreement up.

She knows that she’s loved Aiden for a long time. She knows that the agreement is unusual but it’s always been something she wanted to try. She’s always been curious and This was perfect.

Aiden knows that this will change their relationship. He’s confident that if they work together and stay honest it will definitely work. She’s beautiful, strong, and everything they want in a woman.

They have a wonderful connection. They work hard to make the relationship work and they find love and happiness together.

Alyssa is just amazing. She’s exactly what her men needed. Their perfect girlfriend and Xmas toy. She’s nervous because she was invited last minute and she was going to be with them alone. Until she found Emma’s journal and decided that she knew what she wanted.

Desmond was hurt by his ex betrayal. He didn’t want to rush or do anything to make Alyssa uncomfortable. So he and his friends were being the perfect gentleman. Until she turned the tables on them. Alyssa was not shy to ask for what she wanted or needed.

She wanted to please them. She wanted them with a passion that sizzles. Once they let go and were open with each other they were dazzled by Alyssa. She wanted them equally and she made sure they each knew exactly how much she needs them. She brought them fun and laughter. She also gave them excitement and all of their sexual fantasies.

She’s the beautiful lady that made them feel loved and gave them happiness. A treat sensual read you will love.

I love the way the author compares Betty’s growth as an inspiration. It was full of information on her life, and it shows how much Betty evolved. Betty is a beautiful example of a go-getter. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way—a true Badass Bosslady.

Betty has always given us beauty, and I’m a huge fan. She is sexy, sassy, and will leave a lasting impression. I love all the memorable quotes by Betty.

I’m very excited about my future goals. Betty is the perfect motivation for me to get things done. I’m happy I found this book. I highly recommend this book as very addictive, motivating, and Betty’s a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Childhood sweethearts are separate by a misunderstanding created by a judgmental father. Derek and Jasmine have a fairytale romance. They are great together with amazing chemistry. They are just perfect for each other. Love is about understanding and accepting each other flaws. They have a love that sizzles and stands the test of time.

Family means everything to them. I love the dynamic between the cousins. They are so supportive and understanding. I love their mischievous ways. They have each other’s back and are very protective of their family.

A happily ever after romance. Full of fun and engaging characters you will love. A love story you will treasure. An absolute must-read.

I love the Titan cousins. They have a wonderful relationship and I love how much fun they are together. Making fun and protecting each other. Drew is fun and mischievous. He’s a hardworking and passionate guy. He’s feeling lonely and meets Trinity by accident.

What he loves most is that she likes Drew the man and doesn’t know who he is.

Drew and Trinity have a wonderful connection and it’s so much fun to get to know their story. Trinity is scared to let go but Drew is good at melting her heart with his patience and loving care.

Jasmine is the star of this story because it’s her friendships that help Trinity find love and happiness with Drew. This is a wonderful continuation of a fantastic series. A delicious sweet romance. I absolutely recommend this book

He was hurt by her. He will do everything he can to try and keep Nicole out of his. But real love is hard to forget. Ryan is a big softie pretending to be bad. He knows he would do all he can to protect and cherish her heart.

Nicole is a beautiful and loving lady. She has worked hard to keep her sister safe and happy. She knows that Ryan is the only one that owns her heart. She gets to fight the attraction. I love how much love and support the ladies have for each other.

Ryan and Nicole teach us that sometimes you need to ask for help and that real love is a treasure and once you find it you make it your mission to find happiness together. They have sizzling chemistry and a loving relationship that keeps them on their toes. I love this series!

Damien is a man on a mission. He has plans that have taken all of his focus. He does care who he used to accomplish his goals. Sierra is a temptation he doesn’t need but can’t resist.

She makes him break his rules and lose focus. She was not what he was expecting. She makes him smile and keeps him grounded. He tried to keep her away but she stole his heart and shows him that love does heal everything.

Sierra is a beautiful and strong lady. She’s been hiding a secret that has made her life hell. She doesn’t let her experience affect her mind-heart. She tries to help Damien and she gives him the best gift of all Family.

This is my favorite story because it connects some of my favorite characters from another series. It’s fun, engaging and so much fun to read. I absolutely recommend this fantastic series.

Noemi is a sassy, beautiful, strong lady. She knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. Noemi is fun, loving, and a wonderful person to have on your side. She will do anything to help her family. Their love and openness are some of the things that are addictive about this fantastic story.

Alex is an excellent match for Noemi. I would have loved him more if he didn’t let his fears get in the way and control his actions. He’s a loving and caring guy. Once they come together, it’s magical. Noemi brings fun, excitement, and spontaneity while Alex gives her the love and home she’s always wanted.

Storms of Summer gives you an inside look at a family that loves each other. A family that stands together and provides the additional strength to face the world together. This story will take on an emotional rollercoaster. You will feel real emotions and even heal old wounds.

Thank you, author Keira M Belle your story gave me closure, and I can’t tell how special your books are. I highly recommend this soulful story.

This story has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster of love and passion. I felt like I was watching a telenovela on tv. The drama level is high, and the family fun and niceness had me in tears of joy.

Monica had me loving her and wanting to choke her the next minute. She allowed her insecurities to control her. Sometimes we can miss something beautiful because we let our fears win.

Jason has to be the best character in this story, and I wish he was real lol
I’m claiming him as mine. He brings charm, joy, and a loyal heart. He is very protective and understanding. He is perfect for Monica. You will fall in love with him.

This story is one of my favorites, and I know I will be reading it again and again. I love the way the author made me feel and heal my heart with this story, and I can’t thank you enough. Author Keira M Belle you are a very talented author!

Naughty Stranger is fun, engaging and I absolutely love this book!

Peyton and Boone draw you in immediately and they have a special connection that’s sizzling hot and full of love and steamy chemistry. They have a love that makes them stronger. They have the love of a wonderful family and friends that will always support them.

Author Stacey Kennedy writes books that draw you in immediately and they will make you fall in love. The characters are lovable and engaging immediately drawing you in and making it hard to put this book down. I can’t wait for the next book in this amazing series. I absolutely recommend this fantastic story.

Author Avery Gale is one of the best menage romance authors. Her books are well written, with strong characters and amazing females full of infectious charm and appeal.

I love the interaction between Kent and Kyle West. They are great friends that will do anything to help someone in need, especially if that person is Tobi.

The chemistry attraction between the twins and Toni will draw you in. Tobi is a sweetheart that will make you fall in love with this story. Together they face obstacles of jealousy and hate. Out of the Storm is an incredible, charming, and sensually erotic tale.

It’s hard to put this story down. Highly addictive. I’m looking forward to reading more. As usual, another fantastic story!

Katrina’s Return is fun, engaging, erotic, passionate, and just a joy to read. I love that Katrina never have up, and she fought for what she believes in and loves.

Alex and Zach are the perfect doms for her. They help her to be a strong and powerful lady that can face anything with them by her side to help and guide her.

Her friendship with Jenna is fun, mischievous, and so much fun to read the kind of trouble they could get in. Margarita might had me in stitches. So much fun.

The best part of this story is the love, admiration, and respect that Alex and Zach have for Katrina. They have a fantastic steamy relationship. I love the interaction between them when she’s earning punishments for being a beautiful brat.

Raven is the only female Death Hunter and she’s one of the best. Raven is a warrior with an attitude. She keeps everyone at a distance. She doesn’t want to be hurt so she prefers to stay alone.

Caz is a new member of the team. He’s a strong and protective badass. He tries to be friends with Raven. He understands her and goes out of his way to make her happy and come out of her shell.

They have a love & hate relationship. When it comes to protecting her Caz can be ver protective because he can’t stand for her to get hurt. It’s always great to read a story that’s engaging with mischievous characters that will have you laughing and smiling. This series has everything you need to keep you entertained.

I absolutely recommend this fantastic series!

This series keeps getting better and better. Addictive lovable mischievous family fun. Jace has worked hard to become a wonderful doctor. He’s smart, loving, and always there to help everyone. He’s focused on his career and deserves to be happy with a funny, loving woman like Stella.

Stella makes everyone smile. She’s a beautiful hardworking lady. She’s funny and smart and exactly what Jace needs in his life. Together they can face anything. I love how similar they are when it comes to the love they have for their family.

Stella is the star of this book. She’s understanding and helpful with Jace and his medical practice needs. She’s a strong supportive partner he needs and she loves his family. She’s a perfect addition to the Davies family.

Jace and Stella’s story is addictive, engaging, fun, and full of love. You will not put it down until the end. I absolutely recommend this fantastic story and can’t wait for the next story in this series.

Amazing! Fantastic! There is nothing I love more than reading a story that combines my favorite characters from other series. Author Avery Gale is a gifted writer. Her stories make you feel happy. A true storyteller.

This story teaches us that sometimes we let fear and insecurities stop us from asking for help. It’s ok to have friends and family know that you need them. The Adlers are a great family. They are always ready to help each other.

Ken is exactly what Denali needs. He brings her out of her shell and shows her how wonderful she is. He gently shows her how much love she has around her. Together they are stronger and their hearts are complete. A true love story.

This series is an action-packed entertaining emotional rollercoaster you will be hooked on. I guarantee you will not be able to put it down. This series is highly addictive and I want more.

Amazing and just a perfect story!
Massie is my favorite character because she’s the glue that keeps everyone together. She’s the funny and exciting breath of fresh air everyone needs to have a great day.

Her relationship with Hayes is amazing. They have a special connection that’s sizzling. They have grown to love each other by working on surviving each day. It’s always great to read a story that is full of emotions. They are both playful and mischievous. They share an everlasting love that shines through the pages.

I absolutely loved this wonderful series and can’t wait for the next book. I absolutely recommend this fantastic series!

This story is fun, engaging, and entertaining. I loved all the characters. Big bad bikers that are loving teddy bears. I love Sunny and Duke’s playful relationship. They are perfect for each other. Duke is a wonderful Daddy Dom. A badass with A heart of gold. An action-packed and very sweet story. A truly charming read.

My favorite character was the fox. He was so honest and real. He dazzled his way into my heart. Made me smile with his mischievous ways. He made the story special. I hope we get to read his story.

This story teaches us that you should never judge a person for being different. The bikers in this fantastic story are not perfect but they are good people and when you get to know you might fall in love with them. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

I absolutely love this wonderful series. Each book gives you characters to love. Cassidy has always made me laugh with her mischievous pranks and fun. She brings joy and fun to her loved ones.

Dante & Cassidy are soulmates just perfect for each other. They are both fighting hard for their loved ones. They would do anything to see them happy. Dante never gave up hope on finding his sisters and has given everything to help other families.

Dante and Cassidy make this story addictive and engaging. Their love aimed through the pages. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I’ve read it twice just to keep the joy I felt reading it.

I absolutely loved this wonderful series!

This series has a very special place in my heart. The characters are so loveable, engaging, and mischievously fun together. I absolutely love Grace and Ewan. They are perfect soulmates. They are each other’s other half. They share a love that sizzles. This story is sweet and everything you fall in love with.

The mad duke is dead. Ewan sacrificed everything for his family. He’s a hardworking and beautiful man that deserves all the happiness in the world. He’s the glue that kept them all safe and together.

I’m sad to say goodbye to this fantastic series. I highly recommend the Bareknuckle Bastards.

Hattie is brave, smart, hardworking, and a problem solver. She knows what she wants and goes for it. She knows the inside and out of her family, and can run better than anyone however, she’s denied her dreams because she’s a woman.

Beast is smart, wild, and unpredictable. He’s a badass, a warrior with the face of an angel. A quiet protector. He is always helping those weaker and in need. He is a lover of sweets. A fighter with a heart of gold.

They complete each other. She challenges him and brings him laughter and love. She makes it impossible for him not to admire her strength and warrior spirit. Together they are unstoppable. A true romance that empowers them both.

This story teaches us that the past does not define us. That hard work and dedication get us to our happiness but we have to fight for it and stay strong. Love Conquers all. Finding that person that accepts and understands you all you’ll need to be rich. I absolutely recommend this fantastic series!

Devil & his queen!

I was so excited to read Felicity’s story. She’s funny, outspoken, honest, and a true friend. I love that Devil wasn’t an aristocrat. He made the perfect match for Felicity. Devil is charming, funny, and dangerous. He is the guy you can’t resist. A warrior of the streets.

He makes her smile and likes exactly as she is. He brings excitement and mischievous joy into her life. He gives her love and freedom. However he is motivated by revenge, he is focused on bringing down the Duke.

I love that the characters are real they don’t want or need to impress people to get what they want. They know the value of hard work and they do everything they can to keep each other safe and happy.

Devon & Felicity give each other the love and acceptance needed to be themselves. They are very passionate and free to express their love for each other. They have a love that’s magical and a connection that sizzles. Cheers to the Devil & his queen.

This story is extremely addictive I couldn’t put it down. Amazing characters that each one gave something special to the story. I can’t pick a favorite. Arriana is so sweet and talented. She has been abused and controlled by her abusive crazy family.

Bain has been our lovable teddy bear. I was excited to read his story. What a wonderful adventure. He’s a badass and sweet snuggly daddy. He’s exactly what Arriana needs. They are perfect for each other.

This story will have giggling and smiling the entire time. I love this series.

Jane has been on the run for too long, and she needs friends and affection. Moonshine Hollow is the perfect place to give her everything she needs and more. Jane needs help and she will find far more than she could ever imagine.

Galen is instantly attracted to Jane. He wants to help Jane and give her some peace. They are both stronger together and work hard to get rid of all of the evil after them.

Moonshine Hollow is a magical place that fights hard to defend its people from evil. They come together to bring peace and happiness. This series is engaging and so much fun to read.

I love this story. Sometimes we need to give a relationship a break and give each other a chance to figure out what’s important. Being in a relationship is about being open about your feelings.

This story teaches you that love and understanding. Shayla and Ethan are great together but when they join Damien you can feel their energy and love. This story is engaging and so much fun to read.

I love the death hunters series. All the characters are so loving and friendly. They protect the town and each other. You will not be able to put this book down until the end. Incredibly addictive and fun read.

Riley is a strong tiger with a troubled past. She is strong and sweet. She’s very talented. I love how her friendship with the ladies of new hope brings her out of her shell and helps her have fun and smile.

Calum is a powerful vampire and a nice guy to have as your friend. He’s exactly what Riley needs to finally find herself and happiness. They are perfect soulmates.

This is a wonderful continuation of a must-read series. Author Bryce Evans is great at creating addictive stories that you must read in one day.

I’ve loved Jackson and I couldn’t wait for him to get his own story. This series has everything you need to be entertained. Jackson is a wonderful man. You know he’s a keeper by the way he loves his family.

Evie has been hiding and suffering. She doesn’t know whom to trust. The minute she meets Jackson the attraction is explosive. They have a wonderful connection.

This story teaches you never to judge a person without getting to know them better. Evie did everything she could to get someone to listen to her. She was stunned by Jackson’s help and support. I absolutely recommend this amazing story.

Finally one of the best characters in this series finds his mate!
Nash deserves all the love and happiness and his mate is just perfect for him.

This book touches on subjects that are real and that no one should go through but Author Bryce Evans did a fantastic job as always and we have another wonderful book to a great series.

Wow Wow Wow!!!

What a dream and I wish I had three wonderful men loving me the way Audra’s men love and care for her.

Reading Laylah Roberts books always makes me happy and I love each one. Sometimes it’s better to live in a dream world than real life.

This book is just amazing Audra and her men are just wonderful to read and they are perfect for each other. This book is so steamy and hot that I was sad when it ended. Beautiful work!!!

In Picardy’s Fields

This story had me hooked from the beginning. It’s a tale that shows the sacrifices that are made once the war comes knocking. These characters fought hard to help and save as many as they could.

Agnes and Allen are perfect for each other. They work well together and give each other the strength to face the horrors of war. As doctors, they have to see the worst of the worst. They had to stand tall and keep their emotions in control.

Agnes was an excellent doctor and did an amazing job. She took her training very seriously and did an amazing job. She knows that she’s there to save lives and she did that and more. She’s a wonderful daughter and a great friend to have.

All the characters are amazing and so loveable. Each one did what they needed to help and support each other. They worked as a team to save lives and win the war. I especially loved Mad Maddy and her monkey. This story is very special.

This story teaches us how short life really is and how much we are willing to do to fight for what we believe in. This story made me see both the good and the bad sides of the war. It made me see that war is about following orders and that you have to do what you can to survive. I absolutely recommend this fantastic story.

Family love that has no bounds. How far would you go for your family? What wouldn’t you do for someone you love. Caroline and Adrian are a fun and loving couple. They are the head of their family and are both very protective of their siblings. However, it was Portia that made this book fun. Her love and attraction to Julian was so much fun to read. Julian is the troubled bad boy vampire with a good heart and soul.

Julian Kane is back in town and danger has followed him home. This story is one of my favorites a sexy vampire with a heart of gold. You can’t help but fall in love with him. Portia is an adventurous romantic. She gave her heart to Kane, and it was love at first sight.

This story is the perfect continuation of a beautiful series.

Lucian Michaels is my favorite book boyfriend. He suffered for 500 years, and he never gave up on his love. His dedication and passion for Morna is just magical. Lucian never stopped loving and caring for his lady no matter what changes happened to her.

Morna is a lucky lady with a soulmate as devoted as Lucian. She knows that he will be there for her no matter what. Lucian is the only person that can break her. He gives strength, and his love makes her stronger.

Wow, Author Audra Hart is a talented writer. Lost Wanderer Awakened story hits straight to the heart. It has everything you need in a great story love, action, and adventure.

But most of all, it had heart and real family problems. I am hooked and can’t wait to read more. AMAZING

Morna Glynn Michaels has been fighting a curse, losing herself and her life. She wants to be free and live with her loved ones. Morna knows that her life will not be easy, but she faces each with bravery and honor.

Morna and Lucian are stronger than ever. I love the fierce way that Lucian supports his lady. He never fails her and will always fight for her. They stand together against the evils that want to destroy them. They will show all their enemies that a soulmate’s bond can’t ever be broken.

I love all the characters and the way they value friendship and family. They stand together more vigorously than ever. Each one
fighting to end all the hate and wrongs done to them.

This series is just amazing, and I’m just hooked and can’t put it down because it’s just that good. I love the way all the gods are represented in this powerful series. Audra Hart is an excellent and beautiful writer.

Morna and Lucian are soulmates. They have been separated and abused by their enemies. No matter what they try, it never works. They can’t understand that the bond they share is eternal. Their love will last the test of time.

Lucian is the star of this series, and He is the one that suffers the most. Lucian is a saint that loves Morna no matter what. He never fails her. His love is what gives Morna the strength to be the badass warrior and powerful Spell Weaver she is.

Beautiful, unique, and every great word to describe a book go to this series. I love the passion and heart of the characters. It just gets better and better. Love Audra Hart’s stories.

Sometimes we have to make difficult choices to survive. Arianna has to make a decision that will change her, showing her that she is a strong woman.

Arianna knows that Rafe is a man that will do anything he can to get what he wants. She will show him that not everything can be bought and that not all women are the same.

This book gives us a look at a man that has closed himself off. Rafe Palazzo is a broken, emotionless rich man with the need to control and keep you at arm’s length. Rafe wants his rules to be followed at all times. He’s afraid to let go and get hurt. He is wonderfully loving, caring, and very protective of those he loves.

This book is the perfect introduction to a fantastic series. Surrender is a very emotional series with lovable characters. So good you will read again and again.

Submit is a Fantastic continuation to the first story. Ari & Rafe evolve as a couple. Aria Teaches Rafe that she knows who she is and she can make it without him. She makes him feel and find his human side again.

Rafe has to grow and learn to be the great man he locked away. He works hard to earn Arianna’s love and trust.

Ari is fun and adventurous. She makes hard choices to better herself. I love the friendship that Rafe sisters have with Arianna.

Submit is a fantastic series that has me addicted and waiting for my next fix. Ari & Rafe are great together & amazing to read. Their connection and chemistry sizzle.

Amazing friendships and hard lessons of love and grudges. Is love enough to make a happy relationship? Yes, this book proves that love is the foundation we need to work through the hard times. Love gives you the strength to accept the person fully and helps us see that together. They are stronger.

Arianna and Rafe find their happiness, and we get to celebrate their love. We get to see how much Rafe will do to impress his lady. Just beautiful.

Shane and Lia are so much fun together. Once they get past all of the misunderstandings, you will get two people who love each other and do anything to make each other happy. It is an extraordinary love story.

This series is an emotional rollercoaster of love, laughs, tears of joy, and sadness. You can feel all the emotions each character face. You will fall in love with all the different characters and share their journey of love & growth. I highly recommend this series.

Scorched is the end of a beautiful series. A series that shows how loving the right person rescues you. How that person sees you, protects, and admires. The power and freedom you get from opening up. Love is the key.

It’s incredible how you can feel all their emotions with the sweet way the authors expressed them. Each couple has fought hard to find their soulmates, and they work together to make each relationship work.

Each couple’s growth is a journey you will enjoy reading. This series shows what happens when you don’t give up on love and follow your heart.

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