New Release

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๐Ÿ˜œThe Boyfriend Experience๐Ÿ˜œ


** Previously published in the Seductive Temptations Boxed Set**



Sabrina Rogers is the ultimate power house. Sheโ€™s young, beautiful, and the CEO of a major marketing firm. Through all her hard work, sheโ€™s acquired everything sheโ€™s ever wanted and doesnโ€™t need anyone. That is until she meets Jackson Mitchells, an arrogant, and successful investor.

Sabrina shows no interest in Jacksonโ€™s cocky demeanor, but when he steps in to save her from an embarrassing encounter with her prick of an ex, she finds herself thrusted into a world-wind affair of lies and a steamy new connection.

Stuck on a ship for a week, Sabrina is forced to pretend that her relationship with Jackson is more than what it is, more than what she wants it to be.

Will their lies lead them towards a lasting love affair? Or just an experience to remember?

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