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Then He Happened by #ClaudiaBurgoa

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Genre: Romantic Comedy


Jason is a cynical rich playboy.

He doesn’t take life seriously.

He doesn’t believe in settling down.

Eileen’s twenty-seventh birthday is almost here.

But as always she’s an afterthought in her parent’s minds.

Her family is too busy planning a shotgun wedding for her older sister to pay attention to her. And now she has to help.

It’s just another year where she’s overlooked.

But the best man is smoking hot.

He actually notices her, and makes her feel special.

Jason doesn’t believe in commitment, but Eileen intrigues him.

She’s not the kind of girl he usually hooks up with.

She doesn’t even fall for his charm.

He’s made it his mission to convince her that he’s not the shallow man she thinks he is.

But can Jason give up his playboy lifestyle to become the man Eileen needs?





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About “Freeing Their Mistress”

A Paranormal MFM BDSM Ménage Romance

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One Woman’s Supernatural Sexual Journey of Self-Discovery & Deliverance.

Seeking financial salvation in a lucrative job at a paranormal BDSM club exposes single mother Sadie to a whole new world. She’s at risk of baring her own supernatural secrets, but her back is against the wall. Desperate after her double dealing, low-down, ex-husband left her with a mountain of his debt and an ‘autistic’ son to provide for.

Forty year old Sadie is instantly drawn to the dark and mysterious Masters of Raven’s Keep, a sadistic vampire and voyeuristic spell weaver, but she stubbornly refuses to succumb to their otherworldly magnetism, despite the fact she’s found love and acceptance in their world.

Will Sadie embrace Fate’s plan for her and Masters Anton and Roi or will she use those sexy, Come-F*ck-Me heels to walk away from it all?