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Lycan Mating Games: Ella, Book 3

By: S. Cinders

Series: Lycan Mating Games – Book 3

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Tag Line: “Hold still, or you won’t get your treat.”

Release: May 17, 2019

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Blurb:In the blink of an eye, James’ world turned upside down. Now he must travel into the past to find the fairy, Jessie, who has disturbed the fabric of time, and put everything back to rights. But he won’t be going alone. With Ella at his side, he will bargain with the Fairy Court, meet the family members they never knew existed, and walk the halls of the infamous academy where the Lycan Mating Games began.��Can they, once and for all, put the USLUF behind them? Or is this only the beginning?�Welcome to Lycan Mating Games 3: Ella. �*Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi action romance contains very graphic scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

Just a little nibble:

“I supposed when you had lived as long as she had, you learned to work around any shortcomings such as honesty. “


Wolves were very different than fairy kind. We tended to be passionate, ruthless, bloodthirsty, and almost always honest. Fae tended to be deceptive, cryptic, intelligent, and difficult to trust.


There was a distinct thud and I knew this was it. I raced to the third door and wrenched it open. I am not sure what I was expecting. Perhaps I pictured Ella falling into my arms and weeping with gratitude?

She stared at me with irritation, her expression guarded. “What in the hell took you so long, James?”

I blinked. I must have looked like an idiot with my mouth open and blinking as if that would jumpstart my brain. “I beg your pardon?”

“I almost broke out myself. I knew that you would come, but shit, James. It’s been hours.”

I laughed; I couldn’t help myself. I gathered her ornery soul into my arms. “I missed you too, love muffin.”


Excerpt One:

I stared into James’ eyes and saw that the man I knew and loved wasn’t there. Yes, this was still James, but even his personality was slightly different. He was more laid back and eminently cockier than the man he was on my timeline.

“What is my name?” My voice sounded raspy to my ears.

“Mine!” he growled.

I almost rolled my eyes. He was thinking with his dick, not his brain. Then it struck me, James’ body had assimilated into this timeline. Meaning that he didn’t have the same memories. His physical body might have gone through the GMU, but his mind hadn’t.

And if that wasn’t a complete mind fuck, let’s talk about how I was mated with a man who had no memory of the act, nor who I even was.

“Shit, James.” I pulled him in close to speak with him. But to my surprise, he kissed me. It wasn’t the confident kisses that I was used to.

To be perfectly honest, the last one hadn’t been, either. I am not saying that the kiss was bad. I don’t think James was capable of failing at this kind of thing. But they were more innocent, less polished, and infinitely sweet.

I wrenched my lips away. “My name is Ella, and you are my mate.”

“Fuck, yeah!” His eyes lit up, and he bent his head again. But this time, I was faster.

“No, James, listen to me.”

His eyes seemed to focus on something, and I saw them harden. “Why in the hell do you have another man’s mark on you?”

His canines descended, and his violet eyes flashed.

That’s your fucking mark, you idiot! I suppose my thoughts were not the kindest, but he was drawing attention to us.

James blinked. “Who said that?”

I am your mate. This time, I made him listen. My name is Ella, and you have to trust me.

“Okay.” He shrugged, and when he grinned, I saw that his teeth had gone back to normal.

You can talk to me through the link as well. How are you so trusting? This is strange. To be frank, completely not like the James I knew. But the James I knew didn’t exist here.

Hello? he said tentatively.

He was adorably clueless.

James, we are going to register, and I will do all of the talking. I just want you to agree with anything I say. Can you do that?

The old James would never go along with something like that unless he had weighed every option and evaluated the safety of the plan.

Cool! What else does this mind voodoo do?

The fate of the world hung in the balance, and I was stranded in the past with a mate who had the mentality of a frat-boy. What else could go wrong?

Author Note:

Lycan Mating Games is by far one of my favorite series to write. I have loved the characters, cried when bad things happened, and often cried when good things happened. I am excited for everyone to read this third instalment. We are just warming up, there is so much more to come!

Five Fun Facts:

1. When I first started writing Lycan it was on the Radish app. I had no idea that it would garner over 400k reads on that app alone.

2. Mike was one of my least favorite characters at first. I had to dig deep to see why he act


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