Lorelai – The Forgotten Princess

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Evening Sirens.

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Burlesque dancers, Bratva bad boys, a hidden legacy and evil lurking in the shadows.

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07L524FG6/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eliza-D/e/B07LDWJJ7K/



I’m a bad man.

Ruthless, born to rule the underworld.

What I didn’t know was I was born to be ruled by her.

I will burn the world to lay it at her feet.

She will be my Queen, in turn, I will become a king.




Hiding in plain sight.

Scared to trust the only man who could save me.

If I let him in, give in to the love that draws us together with it’s Siren’s call I could still descend to the depths of a bottomless ocean where only evil plays.

But if I don’t, HE will still find me.

HE still lurks in the shadows of my mind waiting for the moment I let my guard down and then this rose with wilt once more. I will be forever be The Forgotten Princess.


For years Morgan has lived in fear of the demons that haunt her from her past.

Scared to find true love, she settles for a loveless marriage to hide who she truly is.

When a dangerous man hears her Sirens call, he battles with every facet of her being to uncover her true nature.


Burlesque dancer.

Victim, they are but a few facades that hide the Queen underneath.

This book has bratva bad boys, feisty burlesque dancers and a darkness lurking in the shadows.



This book touches upon issues of kidnapping, torture and rape.

As the first book in this series it is merely mentioned, but if you are sensitive to these subjects I would advise these books are not for you.

As the series continues, these issues will be explored further and maybe upsetting for some.

This book contains sex scenes and a torture scene which some many find upsetting.

18+ readers only


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