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The new man in Kelsie’s life is hard, unpredictable and irresistibly mysterious.

Dean is running hurt from the Russian mafia; he’s torn between his job as an operative for a secret organization and his lust for the woman he’s holding captive. Dean knows Kelsie is a distraction and a liability, but he wants her in his bed and he won’t take no for an answer.

Kelsie is alone and vulnerable when Dean, a sexy as sin lunatic invades her life, forcing her on the run with him. They don’t trust each other. But she’ll help him because he’s like no man she’s ever known – he’s aggressive and unyielding, but he knows exactly what to do to make her body sing.

As they find solace in each other’s arms, the mob tracks them down, threatens their growing love and puts their lives in jeopardy.

This is Book 1 of Running with the Devil Series

The Darkest Hour is a contemporary romance with plenty of suspense and intrigue. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a very sexy happy ending. The Darkest Hour contains mature themes and language, so for adults only (18+).

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Find out the epic conclusion when Dream Walker, the final book in The Coven Series, releases TOMORROW!

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SUNSHINE & REIGN: The Redenzione Series Book #2

By: Perryen Livingston








Surrender and then…


Lies would be the ties that bound us. Truths would be what set us free.

The things in our past didn’t define us, they aligned us. I might be Sunshine, but together… we are Sunshine & Reign.


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Unmasked by Shannon Youngblood is #LIVE

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Thank The Father

The Father giveth and the Father shall taketh away.

Thank The Master

The Lord giveth and the Master shall taketh away.

Thank The Faith

The Faith giveth and the fire shall taketh away.

In a society where Men are superior and women belong at their feet, Master Zander and his slave, Phoenix, must find a way to navigate through the horrors they were born into.

Three menacing tasks are all that separate Zander from his inheritance. Three gruesome tasks and Phoenix might finally be free. The question is can Phoenix complete them and keep her sanity in check? Can Zander play the part without unleashing the monster behind the mask?

Will they rise from the ashes of their present and soar into the future, or will they both be engulfed by the flames of their past?


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By Sam Destiny

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Dale Harris has enough on his plate without his annoying, sexy neighbor added to the mix. She’s loud, careless, and manages to get on Dale’s every single nerve.

The noise sure isn’t helping, not with the nightmares his precious little daughter has. He’d do anything to take them away.

But he’s stuck in this neighborhood, and even worse, he can’t stop looking at his loud neighbor, Clare. Why the hell does she have to be so pretty?

Clare Delaney can appreciate Dale Harris’ good looks—and that annoys her because he doesn’t seem interested, and even if he did…

No, she just can’t date this annoying single dad, no matter how hot he is, and that’s that.

Even if she loves his daughter as if she were her own. Even if the chemistry seems off the charts.

Two people who can’t stop arguing should never hop into bed together.

So why do their worlds keep colliding, sparks flying? Could it be that opposites attract after all?

It’s live

It’s LIVE!! I’m finally re-releasing Siren’s Song which was first published in the Sirens of SaSS anthology. It does have additional words added to it.

💋💋New release!! 💋💋

Siren’s Song by Maria Vickers has been re-released with additional words. This sexy must read is only 99 cents now available on Amazon and KU!!


A siren who could woo both men and women alike the moment she opened her mouth. She didn’t believe in love, men were only good for one thing after all, but she met a man whom she cannot forget.

The moment Soul spotted the red-headed songstress, he wanted her, and he would do anything to have her. After a one night stand, she disappears and he searches for her, returning to the bar he first saw her time and time again, but she is nowhere to be found. The siren has beguiled him and imprisoned his heart, and he will have her.

A chance meeting. Soul finally found her in the last place he ever expected, and he has no intention of letting her go now that he has her. Siren tried to forget this man with the dark as sin hair and eyes, but she couldn’t, and seeing him again has churned up emotions she would rather pretend didn’t exist. Besides, he is only after one thing. Will they find a way to each other’s arms, or will Soul find his end, unable to break the spell created by Siren’s Song?