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It’s LIVE!! I’m finally re-releasing Siren’s Song which was first published in the Sirens of SaSS anthology. It does have additional words added to it.

💋💋New release!! 💋💋

Siren’s Song by Maria Vickers has been re-released with additional words. This sexy must read is only 99 cents now available on Amazon and KU!!


A siren who could woo both men and women alike the moment she opened her mouth. She didn’t believe in love, men were only good for one thing after all, but she met a man whom she cannot forget.

The moment Soul spotted the red-headed songstress, he wanted her, and he would do anything to have her. After a one night stand, she disappears and he searches for her, returning to the bar he first saw her time and time again, but she is nowhere to be found. The siren has beguiled him and imprisoned his heart, and he will have her.

A chance meeting. Soul finally found her in the last place he ever expected, and he has no intention of letting her go now that he has her. Siren tried to forget this man with the dark as sin hair and eyes, but she couldn’t, and seeing him again has churned up emotions she would rather pretend didn’t exist. Besides, he is only after one thing. Will they find a way to each other’s arms, or will Soul find his end, unable to break the spell created by Siren’s Song?






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