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馃崹馃挐Cookies & Cream, Italian Style (Ice馃挐馃崹 Cream Book 10)

Judy Swinson


Maggie and Marcos met when he was 17 and she was 14 one spring afternoon when she and her best friend, Kathy, had gone to a local beach, Chick鈥檚, a teen hangout. They had heard friends at school talk about Cole鈥檚 Ice Cream Shop, about a block away and decided to check it out before going home.

Kathy and her new friend Jason had ordered and were sitting at one of the tables eating their ice cream cones, but Maggie was still trying to decide what flavor to order when someone walked up behind her and whispered in her ear. If you trust me, I would order Cookies and Cream. Turning around she looked up into the face of a boy she had never seen, a boy with penetrating cobalt blue eyes. Maggie was hooked, love at first sight, and a love that would last for years. His name was Marcos. She later learned he was actually very shy and had been talked into approaching her by his friends.

It was not always a happy time for the M and M couple as their friends called them. It was a typical first love, teen romance. There were periods of jealousy and disappointments and arguments, but they always ended back together until they didn鈥檛.

Years later when they saw each other would their past lead to just memories of a first love or would they take a chance to rekindle that long ago love as adults?

Judy Swinson


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