The Trouble With Dulce De Leche

Kathia Iblis

Link: http://mybook.to/DulceDeLecheCI





Sofía is ready to leave the small Alaskan town of Zima the moment she arrives. Not only having to adjust to the drastic temperature difference from her home town of Buenos Aires, she’s expected to make new friends and finish school in a literal foreign land. Homesick and missing her parents, she longs for the comfort of favorite dessert, Dulce de Leche ice cream. Adjusting to this new normal has her ice screaming for security and a new sense of home.

Callan thinks the quirky, new girl is more than a bit strange. Assisting Sofia fight off being homesick is one thing he can do to help take his mind off his own issues. What he doesn’t realize is she may be the solution to his own problems and can eventually help his family. Callan never thought he would fall for Sofia, but when he finds out the way to her heart is Dulce de Leche, he turns on his own sweet tooth.

Will Callan be able to use Sofia to help his family, or will he be forced to lose the only girl he had ever loved?


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