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❣️ Poetry Friends in Rhythm & Rhyme ❣️



Poetry Friends in Rhythm & Rhyme is Leah Negron’s third sojourn into the literary world of poetry and prose. She shares her life’s journey as she has walked with the Indy community she loves so genuinely; it has led her to a growing circle of author’s whom she has developed deep friendships with and a shared mutual admiration.

In this wonderful collection of over 250 poems, 36 women & men have come together as both individuals and as a family to promote solidarity in poetry. Each person’s unique poetic voicing bleeds across the pages as they share their heart and souls and most of all their love of the written word. Each poem is a heartfelt journey of love, loss, and grief as these authors grow together and share their life’s journey with the reader.

It is a wonderful journey that should be shared with everyone. Will you join us?


Friends in Poetry. A collection of over 250 poems. The Love. The Loss. The Journey. The Heart.

Contributing Authors

Tara Dawn, Xtina Marie, Lea Winkelman, Ellie Masters, Melissa Ann, Missy Harton, Kimberly Cortez, Roux Cantrell, Linzi Basset, Ardent Rose, Lynn Wolff, Savannah Morgan, ES McMillan, Cree Nations, Denise Long, Iris Magyar, DarkAngel, Elias Raven, Brian Miller, F.D. Ravenskraft, Don Abdul, Gabriella Messina, and Sharon Johnson.

New Additions

Christine Baker, AnnaMarie Gardner, JA Lafrance, Athena Kelly, Ethan S. Radcliff Jr, Chris Genovese, Anna Pulla, Aleisha Maree, Steven Evans, A.C. Williams, Jenna K. Rai, and Terry Negron

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