The red haired bombshell rolled into Cole Mountain and blew up our lives.


In the past, we were attracted to the same woman.

This time it was different.

My twin brother Alex and I felt the strong connection to her.

It isn’t a want. It’s a need. An itch we can’t scratch.

We need to have her. We need to claim her. Show her she belongs to us.

Some would say the orphan is damaged goods. Not to me and my brother.

She’s a diamond in the rough meant to be ours, forever.


I’ve never known what it felt like to be loved, until I met Alex and Asher.

They’ve proved they’d walk to the ends of the earth to protect me.

My ex-boyfriend’s coming for me.

He’s treacherous.

I can’t let them die for me.


Stranded: The Cole Mountain Brothers Romance


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