#Coming September 10th from Burning Willow Press by author Bryan Tann.

While Bryce Kreed is on assignment doing what he does best—marginalizing those who choose to live outside the law—he is given a new task. Protect Enya Blake, Mistress and reigning head vampire over the City of Pittsburgh. Mistress Blake fears for her life, and she wants Enforcer Kreed to guard her while she figures out who—or what—is trying to kill her.

As death and chaos slowly become the norm for her city, her established protection is overwhelmed, which leads her to call across the country for backup. Desperate times do often call for extreme measures.

Kreed is said to be the most dangerous, destructive, and yet he is the most effective of all the Enforcers within the ranks of the Vampire Council’s realm. He is not only coarse, vulgar, and brutish, but he is the only one who can protect her.

The City of Pittsburgh will never be the same.

#darkfantasy #Pittsburgh #action #horror #thriller


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