Happy Transplant Anniversary, Jordyn!

Celebrate with us on our release day by getting to know Jordyn. Read about her below.

Who is Jordyn Preston?

She’s a nineteen-year-old Las Vegas native where she lives with her family and two golden retrievers. She loves to volunteer at her favorite dog training facility, creating art from copper and painting.

When she’s not living the life of a teenager, she’s fighting stage four liver cancer for a second time.

In June 2015, she was diagnosed and received a full liver transplant on September 3rd. Two years later, it was back. When she should’ve been enjoying her senior year in high school, looking at colleges and taking those pesky SATs, she was preparing to fight the ultimate battle – cancer.

Through cancer, Jordyn found a new love, speaking in public. She shares her story and scars, as you can see below, in hopes of inspiring others.

Why this is important to us?

Jordyn’s mother, Beverly Preston, is our peer, a fellow author, who has given each of us unyielding support, and we couldn’t not help her in their time of need. Our community is strong, powerful and has the loudest voice, and we’re using it for something good.



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