Darkheart’s Valentine – Twin Ravens MC

A Tulsa Immortals Story – Book 4

By Audra Hart


Noble Native American warrior and immortal enforcer, Silas Darkheart soon learns that rescuing his fated mate is easy, compared to winning her heart. Valentina Moretti is on the run for her life from “Others” and trusting in this new bond with Silas doesn’t come naturally for her.

Can using his ancient guardian magick to share the deepest, darkest recesses of their hearts in the magickal landscape of their shared dreams help these two find their destined happily ever after in the light of day?

[Sweet and Sultry M/F Fantasy Romance]


If you enjoy steamy paranormal romance, you really should check out all of Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals.

Visit her website for FREEBIES, sneak peeks into coming books, as well as the blurbs, teasers, snippets & buy links for other Tulsa Immortals adventures: http://tiny.cc/3lpebz


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