Title: Shared by her Bodyguards: A Reverse Harem Romance

By: Cassie Cole


Being a woman succeeding in a man’s world is hard. Being a single woman in politics is even harder but Elizabeth makes it look easy.

She’s beautiful and strong. What I absolutely loved about her is her ability to love and enjoy her sex life is what I connect with most. It’s no one’s business to know what she does behind closed doors. She’s passionate and goes for what makes her happy with her sexy bodyguards.

This is a wonderful relationship because they understand each other and they have an honest relationship. They know that it will be hard but they make it work. They are committed to each other and the love is real.


They were paid to protect her.

They never expected to fall for her.

I’m a congresswoman with big ambitions.

I don’t have time for love.

But who do they send to guard my house at night?

The hottest young cop in the city. 

Anthony is a cocky young Capitol Policeman who smiles like he knows all my secrets.

And after the night we spend together? 

I know all his too.

But he’s not the only one charged with protecting me.

Ethan, the steel-jawed hunk who looks more like an MMA fighter than a personal bodyguard, shows up the next day.

And the two of us already have a forbidden history. 

Then Agent Luca Santos, the grizzled Secret Service agent with experience in his eyes, is assigned to my detail.

And although he tries to hide it, I can see the hungry look he gives me…

Can I focus on my campaign with these delicious hunks guarding me all day?

And more importantly: can they keep me safe from whoever is trying to kill me?

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