One night should have been enough, but I couldn’t get enough of her
The Moretti Brothers: Carmine
By: Kristy Gibs
Release Date: February 19, 2020
. No strangers. No booze. No trouble. 

After finding out the family was under investigation, all eyes were on my not so good ways. For the family’s sake, I laid low, drank less, and avoided trouble. At least until trouble crashed into my life, spilling a full tray of drinks on my expensive suit, and stirring my heart alive. 

Isabella was my stranger, my trouble, my addiction. Her eyes captivated me from the very first moment. They stripped me of power, money, and mafia, and only saw a man. She didn’t fear me, or the things I could do to her, but it was like we knew each other from somewhere. Little did I know, Isabella had been studying me long before she walked into the club. She had hours upon hours of learning about my family—about me. 

The girl with the familiar eyes was an undercover cop, looking to take my family down. Now, my family is on me for welcoming her into my world.  Yet I’m still blinded by my love for her, and the secrets her family left behind. 


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