Voodoo Sprinkles
A Donut Shop Series Novella
Yolanda Allard
Link: http://mybook.to/VoodooSprinklesCI

Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

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Raising spirits and making donuts…
Eris St. Ta-tai lives in Après LaMort, a town full of spirits, magick, and all that goes bump in the night. It’s also full of humans who know nothing of this. She works at Sprinkle that Voodoo on Me, a donut shop in the epicenter of town, filling her customers with sugary goodness. In her off hours, she freelances as a necromancer. A priestess in her own right, Eris was born with the ability to bring the dead back to life. Priestesses are in high demand thanks to her closest friend Wraith, who happens to be a grim reaper. Eris has enough work to last many lifetimes.
Until, that is, some immortals begin moving back into town. Immortals, who like to be the only ones cheating death, have never gotten along with priestess covens.
Eris is thrown into a web of magical madness and discoveries that will lead to the end of her coven if she doesn’t try to stop it. Her only hope lies in the enigmatic Tre, who hates priestesses as much as his father who happens to be in charge of the immortals.
Can Eris convince Tre to help her in spite of his hatred?
Will she ever be able to get back to raising spirits and making donuts?


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