Happy Release Day Laney Smith!!!!

So Long, John (The Donut Shop Series)
Laney Smith

Preorder Link ~ mybook.to/SoLongJohnFVP212

A young boy sneaks a long john from a local donut shop. Steals it, I believe. So, he did something he wasn’t supposed to. Then, he met up with a friend to walk to school and they went to the pond where they weren’t supposed to be. He can’t swim and he falls in the pond and drowns. The girls isn’t supposed to be around him, plus, she has new shoes and her parents will be angry if she messes them up with mud from the pond. | She was 8 and didn’t know what to do. The boy’s stepdad is the town drunk who is abusive, so he gets framed for murdering this kid. Ten years later, the stepdad is to be put to death for killing the boy, but the girl has guilt for what she knows. She wants to spare the stepdad’s life, so she finally tells the truth. The only proof to corroborate her story is the boy’s stomach contents at the time of his autopsy. So, the detective discovers the real reason for the cover-up/framing is most of the town uses the old house as a swinger/sex ring type party place and the old woman who owns this house with the pond seems crotchety, but she’s the mistress of the whole scene and has a sex dungeon in her basement.


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