Cain – Sins of the Father


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The family has been cursed since the beginning of time. It’s a legacy CAIN inherits from his father – and all of the fathers before him. Generation after generation has worn the mark – a right of passage that goes back to the beginning when Adam and Eve first walked the earth and were expelled from paradise.
But now vengeance from a bastard brother, who covets all that is CAIN’s including CAIN’s true love Genevieve, ignites a war between angels and demons, heaven and hell, good and evil. Two men, two brothers, two sides – they will battle for Genevieve’s body and soul – and for the fate of the world.
The story begins with two wounded people finding their way back to love, but legacies, destinies, vengeance and betrayal will tear them apart setting in motion tragic events and explosive battles that will unleash the power that is CAIN.
The great wheel has turned and the final game has begun.

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