The Maple Leaf Bar:
By:Roux Cantrell
Can be found in the Donut shop and also in the Gypsy Kings MC

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Conlyn Rae sweet treat Queen never imagined how big of a following she would have in under a year of starting her very own blog called Savage treats. Now when things are at their all-time high she’s finding out how sometimes even the sweetest things can have a sour taste.
With fame comes trouble Conlyn is finding out fast. Unwanted gifts and letters keep popping up on her doorstep and in her mailbox. When she goes public about the unwanted attention, most tell her it’s part of the world she lives in, but one fan offers her aide in the form of a bodyguard.
Yasha Goraya aka Bones is trying to put his mercenary days behind him, his boss has him babysitting the rich and want to be famous. Unfortunately, he finds the work boring like everything else in his life at present. Only a few things keep him locked down. Living in Lampsing CA. and his club family.
When the clubs prez asks him to take an off the book job, Bones thinks he’s going back in the field and cant wait to get to it. But, when he arrives in the south Texas coastal town he’s unprepared for the golden-haired beauty that needs his help.


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