Broken Mate by Mina Carter

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She needed the story. She didn’t expect to run for her life in a world where vampires and werewolves are real…

The homeless are going missing, and reporter Max Harvey can just smell the story. None of her usual contacts will talk to her. They’re scared, which sets her reportery senses tingling. Deciding to go undercover is a stroke of genius…

Until she’s snatched with the others and thrown into a world she never expected. A world of government conspiracies and genetic experiments where supernatural creatures exist and the real monsters are the humans trying to kill her.

In a desperate race through the forest, she must trust a dangerous man who is more than he seems. A broken hero who isn’t strictly human but who makes her heart sing like no other…

No one walks away from the Project. They run…

Major Dean Steele didn’t run quick enough and now he’s in a cage. Again. Only instead of expecting him to fight and kill like the monster they turned him into, now they expect him to run and die in a hunt with the odds stacked against him. But there’s one thing they don’t know… the beautiful little human woman they’ve put him with is his mate. And that changes everything.

In a hunt with everything on the line, there’s no monster more dangerous than a man fighting for redemption… and love.

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