Chocolate Glazed Sarang (Donut Shop Series)
Fey Simmons

Link ~ mybook.to/ChocolateGlazedFVP226

Find the complete Donut Shop Series here: http://www.tiffanycarby.com/donut

Milagros Sardá was supposed to spend her last year of hAiresigh school with her mother. Instead, she found herself living with her grandmother in Hope Valley Springs. Trying to put on a brave face and knowing it is the only way to getting her life back in Buenos Aires, Milagros decides to make the most of it. The last thing she expects it´s to cross paths with a foreign student and offer him one of her dulce de leche filled chocolate glazed donuts to appease him. | Kin Jun Min was sent to the small town to live with his aunt as a punishment. He won´t be allowed back in Korea until he gets his act together. What he doesn’t see coming is a quirky girl who will disrupt all his plans. | Will their unexpected meeting and chocolate glazed donuts help them find their happily ever after?
Or will they be forced apart by the very same things that they once thought were their dreams?


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