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Lucas X. Black

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One terrible day, Paramedic Chuck Somers is called to a horrible wreck. A gasoline tanker has gone off an overpass and landed on the Crawford family’s SUV. 17-year-old Mandy is in the back seat and Chuck busts a window to extract her from the car seconds before it goes up in flames. Even in the closed confines of the ambulance, Mandy can hear her father’s dying screams as he burns.

Two years later, 19-year-old Mandy finds Chuck to thank him and to offer herself to him, considering herself to be his by right since he saved her life. Chuck, 45 years old and now a lieutenant, brushes her off, uncomfortable with her hero worship as well as her youth. But Mandy is persistent and charming and soon woos Chuck into taking her as his, amidst unprecedented disasters in the Fire Department resulting in a seemingly hellish assignment for Chuck, who also soon winds up with guardianship of a thirteen-year-old genius boy, the son of a medic, former partner, and dear friend of his killed in the line of duty. And so begins a wild and amazing ride for Chuck and Mandy.

Amazon Universal Link: getbook.at/HerHeroLXB

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