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How do you go home when home is gone?⁠

I’ve paid my dues for protecting someone I love.⁠

In return my family, my life, and my freedom—all taken from me.⁠

When a friend calls in a favor, I go from nothing…to having a job and a place to live.⁠

A fresh start brings something more; a woman who brings out my protective instincts.⁠

She’s been hurt—it’s written all over her.⁠

There’s one thing for sure, I want her.⁠

And I vow that nothing will ever harm her again.⁠


I’ve hit rock bottom, and I’ve slowly climbed my way back up.⁠

Now, I keep myself locked away. It’s easier than letting people in and telling them about that night.⁠

I live my life in the shadows because happiness is something that I can’t have.⁠

I keep my pain where it belongs, in the past. I keep my secrets buried deep down.⁠

Now my past is colliding with my future, and I’m not sure how I’m going to survive.⁠

But in the midst of the darkness is a shining light: Trent.⁠

Sometimes you find home in the place you least expect it.x


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