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Title: Dark Soul 

Series: Boulder Series Book 4

Author: Eve L. Mitchell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: JJ Design & Creations 

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Sonny Henty

Release Date: April 25th, 2020

Dark Soul is the exciting next instalment in the Boulder Series by Eve L. Mitchell and is available for preorder.

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She left in the middle of the afternoon, leaving me and our son behind. For all I knew, she didn’t look back. For all I knew, she hadn’t given our son another thought.

She left him.

It’s been five weeks since Lela walked out of our lives. Five weeks and I don’t know where she is.

But I’m looking.

I’m searching for her. The unknown is killing me. What if she’s hurt? What if she needs help?

But… more importantly, what if she is okay? What if she is fine?

I will find her, and if Lela is okay? I will make her sorry she ever thought she could walk away from him.

I told her a long time ago, I don’t lose. I’ve never been a nice guy.

I will find her and this time, she won’t walk away.

She will run.

✰ Dark Soul is not a standalone story and this book MUST be read in series order. You can start the journey with Indian Summer… http://books2read.com/indiansummer

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