Hunter’s Hope (The Death Hunters book 4)

A place to call home. A place without vampires. Funny how life can suck you dry!

Riley Milton, in her tiger form, killed a vampire sent by her pride alpha to bring her in. With female shifters disappearing, she fears she will be next. To keep her safe, her brother covertly moves them to New Hope. A place that offers protection and friendship. A place she can call home. A place with no vampires.

The plan is foolproof then Riley meets her mate who is. . .wait for it. . .a vampire. And not just any vamp, but the most powerful one in existence—Calum O’Keefe.

Calum O’Keefe has been on earth so long, he has lost count of the years. Life has become boring and money’s no object. The only place that offers any excitement is Death Hunter’s territory.
And lookie, lookie who he finds—Riley Milton, a timid shifter who makes his ancient heart beat again. Life is looking up until his family is attacked and Riley goes missing.
What’s a vampire to do? Rescue the girl, make her his mate, and kill anyone who tries to stop him.

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