Brutal Beast is coming May 21st!
“Dillon says you hiss but don’t claw.” I tossed the towel aside.
She glared but didn’t respond—or back down.
“I love a little wildcat who won’t easily bend. Turns me the fuck on, Michelle.” When she didn’t scoot away, I stepped in closer, trapping her against the counter with my hands on either side of her, but keeping from touching her curves in any way.
She flinched on a gasp—and not the needy kind—giving me another tell into her past. Her chest rose quickly with inhales, the pulse thrumming in her neck like mad. Pink, full lips parted, pupils wide … fucking goosebumps rose along the arms she wrapped around herself. “Thought we had a deal.” Her husky, snippy as fuck voice oozed pre-cum from my dick, but I held in my groan.
No denying her body wanted me, but I wasn’t an asshole who would take what she wouldn’t willingly offer, especially with what her flinch had told me.
Dillon’s mom had been on the receiving end of the sort of shit that boiled my blood to the point of spilling another’s.
Forcing that shit from my head, I licked my lower lip real fucking slow and smirked when her breath caught. Stepping out of her space, I picked a cookie up off the plate on the table and shoved it in my mouth. A wink, an adjustment to my throbbing, leaking dick, and I left her alone.
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