Don’t have more than an hour or three to read …LOL this is the series for you. The Gypsy King series is made up of nouvelle style stories that can be read in less than two hours. Perfect for a lunch time read or when the kids are down for a nap…
Want a little romance but don’t have the time…now you do !!

💙GYPSY -Book1💙

Blackmail- arranged Marriage- Hidden secrets are just a few of the things you’ll find on the pages of Gypsy

💚TABOR- Book 2💚

Haunted by memories- kidnappings- attempted murder make for a fast pace ride in Tabor

💛WICK-Book 3💛

Damsels in distress- a life threatening accident – motel shoot out just a few of the things that will keep the pages turning in Wick

🧡CROW -Book 4🧡

Sticky situations- unwanted advancements- a missing business man all lead back to The Gypsy Kings MC and the sheriffs watching all
Of them in The Coffee Bean ❤️Romeo - Book 5 ❤️

An ominous letter-Barroom brawls- unwanted romance are Just a few of the things causing problems for Romeo 🧡Bones -Book 6 🧡

Stormy seas- damsels in distress- stalkers are just a few of the things Bones is dealing with in Surfside


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