Where Death Rejoices (Kate Gardener Mysteries Book 8)

Gabriella Messina


Caught between Scylla…

Lawyer Ethan Warwick is found murdered, his body bound to the Traitor’s Gate. The body has barely reached the morgue, though, before an explosive crime rocks an entire neighborhood in South London.

Tensions run high when a popular Muslim Youth leader is injured in the blast and the Murder Squad detectives are drawn into the investigation when a body is found in the rubble… with stab wounds.

And Charybdis…

Kate Gardener struggles to work with Anti-Terror officers hovering around Lambeth, while the situation involving the Cavendish Club reaches fever pitch… One member is gunned down and now even the Prime Minister’s life is in danger.

In pursuit of justice for the dead and the living, Kate finds herself between a rock and a hard place as she decides what she is prepared to do… and to sacrifice… in the place Where Death Rejoices.


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